Monday, June 24, 2013

Online Petition: Petitions Committee divided over net neutrality - Times Online

law or regulation only? The Petitions Committee considered the input of a student who calls net neutrality by law. The government is against it.

Demonstration of net neutrality at the Annual General Meeting of Telekom in Cologne demonstration for net neutrality at the Annual General Meeting of Telekom in Cologne

More than 76,000 people have signed the petition calling for net neutrality, the John Scheller has submitted to the Bundestag. On Monday, the twenty-year-old student is now called the public hearing in Parliament a law on net neutrality. “It’s the latest development shows me that the market can not regulate itself,” he said there.

The idea of ??net neutrality means that all data packets are routed through the network at the same speed or the same slow. Originally, this principle has been installed due to the technical requirements, so the limited bandwidth and tight lines to all as well as possible available and no one is favored. At the same time it is also simply perceived as fair.


“It is obvious to us that at the post office all packets are treated the same speed, whether now being sent from a large mail house,” said Scheller for comparison. “This principle can be simply transferred to the Internet.”

The German Telekom, however, this concept would like to soften and provide separate payment for services, then go with priority through their lines. The Telekom has defended its handling of the meeting of the Committee on Petitions. “This is an existential question for the entire industry,” said Jan Krancke of the Telekom. “We need the many innovations that are coming up.” He cited as examples of smart grids or medical apps, where the transmission quality must be ensured in real time so that the application works.

Ordinance of the Ministry of Economy

is currently being discussed, however, because of the movie offering of Telekom about it. The company had announced to no longer offer flat rates for unlimited landline Internet. They should be strong in the future throttled after a specified amount of data. At the same told the telecom, their own movie with the name of entertainment services are not affected, they would continue to be available indefinitely, even if the rest of a customer’s network access is restricted.

and civil rights leaders had protested and criticized it as a violation of net neutrality, because the telecoms would prefer their own offers. In particular, new, small content providers would be disadvantaged if they are in contrast to the industry giants could buy any privileged conduit for Telekom.

There are already such interventions in the data stream. To cushion loads during peak periods, access providers and restrict certain services or prefer other.

The Federal Ministry of Economics has just drafted a Regulation that attempts to codify the concept of net neutrality. But the draft Scheller designated as “too vague”. A representative of the Ministry was charged with the Petitions Committee hearing, he defended the design and the shape. A regulation can be implemented faster than a law, he said.

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