Tuesday, June 11, 2013

German Telekom wants to throttle lift to 2 Mbit / s - AnandTech


the end of March were known plans of Deutsche Telekom, depending on the package chosen to restrict broadband connections from a given volume of data. Little surprise, the response to this action were anything but positive votes: It rained heavily criticized. Now, however, the Group should take a step back.

Cashys blog to have learned from two independent sources, to the German Telekom announce tomorrow, to raise the throttle from originally 384 kbit / s to 2 Mbit / s. Limiting the bandwidth is depending on the selected Internet package at 75, 200, 300 or 400 gigabytes of data per month occur.

Recently, the Agency had plans of Deutsche Telekom checked and confronted the telecommunications company with eleven questions regarding the project. Already at that time told the German Telekom, that the final determination of the throttled speed is not yet done. Since the limit would only take effect from 2016, you had at first written a low value in the Conditions, the statement of the company.

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