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“Company of Heroes 2″ is the result if you can make history freaks video games. The seven years since the first WWII real-time strategy game that Relic employees have apparently spent reading of books on the German-Soviet war. The bitter fighting between German and Soviet forces manifest themselves in the campaign and in skirmish modes and Theatre of War.

As you take over the control of the Red Army, the worn-Stars-and-Stripes banner in “Company of Heroes 2″ (“COH2″) replaced by icy wastelands, derelict cities and rugged landscapes. Relics series has always been strained, the conflict miss a human face, which is achieved again in this game and the emotions can run high.

Interactive History Lesson

“COH2″ is an interactive history lesson in the first part and put in a state of war. So you can keep on top just above water and must flee over attack in the early missions of the “COH2″ campaign. In one of them, set in a secluded, conquered Russian village, one should prescribe the “scorched earth policy” and burn all the supplies before they fall into enemy hands. In another you have in an occupied city between tanks prowling (and is more rat than a soldier). There is war in a very personal level.

After all, allowed the studio in terms of time period, no freedoms. Each mission is a detailed text that explains the larger context of maps and quotations preceded. The whole thing is as detailed as a television documentary, written as a book as passionate and packaged as a bonus in a video game. If you listen just a bit, it is impossible not to learn while playing.

The game boasts not only with authentic scenarios, but also occurring in tactics. The three Fs “Find, flanking and make ready” penetrate most of the fighting and troops must be under cover before they can displace opponents. But one must not forget that cover can be destroyed. Crouching behind a brick wall you or a shack there is no guarantee that this coverage does not collapse, overturning or catching fire. Leave a grenade launcher black craters on the surface and even hand-placed sandbags or barbed wire fences will hold only temporary. Proceed as in the real war, the things in “Company of Heroes 2″ to break.


And just like in real war is the key to success in the adaptation. What do you do for instance, if you come across a bunch of enemies armed with machine guns? You could throw a smoke grenade in order to be able to advance. Or how about a frontal attack flamethrower? Or you could buy some time on and off the enemies with a tank later. Depending on the level you can namely create its own units (in some levels but you have to cope with the existing things).

The units also have different abilities. Some can throw Molotov cocktails, while all other attacks for a certain time to perform enhanced. There are so many different types of units with specific abilities that you feel overwhelmed if you are not well versed in “CoH”.

cumbersome menu is unfortunately not helpful. It works even worse than it looks, reminiscent of strategy games of the 90s. There are too many things in too little space. The game would have been in here “SimCity”, also to a PC-exclusive strategy game with similar complexity oriented, because this provides a much more user-friendly interface.

Technical progress within limits

The camera has not changed much compared to the first game and its two expansions. You can enter as much as you want to zoom, and the highly detailed units prüfendsten even hold the view instead. Unfortunately, this detail is not applicable for zooming out. The maps are huge, but still gives only a vague overview. It feels as if you try to read a book through the wrong end of a telescope. The camera can not be rotated as well, which further reinforced the rigid perspective. The result is an arbitrary limitation of the style of play.

the old-fashioned design is (exaggerated formulated) a limitation. While the character models look the bird’s eye view of acceptable, but do not have much of it around. You could play without problems from two previous generations of hardware come. After all, the use of the Essence Engine 3.0 is a technical advance.

severe Russian winter is impressive with snow effects (deep powder snow, which slows units) and icy rivers (which can shatter under bombardment) well represented. Relic has also touted random snow storms, but these are, in effect, only short sections in the game where you have to push the fire to prevent the refrigerant ads do not sink too far above the heads of the unit. The game is this only delayed, but not improved.

Essence also makes the engine for a more accurate visibility into which the unit type and the environment into account. The sniper for example has a much wider line of sight as a normal foot soldier. This line of sight is further improved when no trees or mountains in the way. Although “Company of Heroes” is not revolutionized by this technology for the Essence Engine, there is a noticeable influence on the fights.

commander and modes

a big impact on the game also the commander. You get in the campaign and then assigned to a freely choose his battles. Each commander has five bonuses that are unlocked during the battle. For example, include reconnaissance flights, faster convocation, flamethrower or incendiary tanks and give the fighting the impression that they are more violent. You can customize the commander and unlock new. It almost reminds you of a card battle game, where the deck is just as important as playing the right cards.

addition to the campaign, there is the “Theatre of War” mode, which includes both co-op and single player challenges. It leads, for example sniper through dense forests to assassinate a general or defending a communication tower against waves of enemies. To add to the already content-rich game in a straightforward manner a few extra hours added.

“Skirmish” mode provides in contrast to the campaign and the “Theatre of War” mode, more symmetrical battles. The matches with up to four players against four make it through the human Hardcore brutal enemies for the three modes. If one adds to the hardcore gamers, you will surely like this mode.

fun for experts

“COH2″ you do not play, you learn it. You need a plan before the battle even starts. You must have a picture of the units, their weaknesses, their bonuses, their activations and the cards in the head. This sounds as if it were only for RTS experts. Besides a few video lessons little effort has been made to help new players get started.

When you consider how much time has passed since the first game, the decent, but overtook Sequel provides only conservative improvements. One could of course argue that “CoH” has no improvements needed. For people who think this is “COH2″ remains the same, scary deep and complex RTS brutal as ever.

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