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PRISM Prism: Apple releases figures on U.S. - Government Requests - Macwelt

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Apple has erklärtt, how many requests from U.S. authorities, the company has answered the period December 2012 to May 2013.

to Microsoft and Facebook now places even Apple Facts about Prism affair on the table. Between 4000 and 5000, Apple has received requests from authorities in December 2012 to the end of May 2013. Of these, 9000-10000 customer accounts have been affected with Apple devices, Apple states on its website.

Since the weekend, the Internet company may call the total number of authorities requests for a specified period, but no further details. According to Apple, it were mainly requests the authorities to police work being sought about missing children or it is a matter to prevent a suicide attempt.

Apple writes his press statement titled “Apple’s commitment to privacy” and is once again clear that all messages sent via iMessage be encrypted. In fact, the anti-drug agency DEA forensic scientist had recently lamented not being able to crack encrypted iMessages from suspects, but only approach to the poor protected communications via SMS to come. Also FaceTime calls Apple wants securely encrypt and promises its customers again to store any data about their whereabouts or questions to Siri.
The newspapers “Guardian” and “Washington Post” had published secret documents that give the impression that the U.S. NSA taps on a large scale user data among American Internet companies. Also, the informant Edward Snowden told that he is at the NSA simply access to all potential users have been able to provide data. The company vehemently deny direct access to the authorities on their servers and emphasize that data would be passed only on court order. (Tc)

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