Friday, June 14, 2013

EU antitrust watchdog look at Android licensing - Heise Newsticker

The EU Commission is the licensing practice in the mobile operating system Android. The Financial Times reported the , the present claims to document it. Google offers Android at below market prices. In addition, the search engine providers conclude with smartphone manufacturers exclusive contracts mean that they pre-install Google’s services on mobile devices. Here, the company is leveraging its dominant position, therefore, are the accusations.

complained at the EU Commission have including Microsoft and Nokia. The investigation was still at an early stage, the newspaper reports. That is, device manufacturers and mobile operators to answer the first 82 EU Commission issues.

Google argues that Android is an open platform that promotes competition. Equipment manufacturers, mobile operators and consumers could decide how they use Android and what applications they install. Android came in the first quarter to 75 percent worldwide market share, Apple’s iOS and Windows Phone in 17 to 3 percent.

is unclear whether it is reported complaints about the acting for from the Financial Times reported on the beginning of April this year. The organization “Fair Search Europe”, in which, among other companies such as Nokia, Microsoft, and Oracle have joined Google had accused of using Android for it to provide Google Apps to the vast majority of smartphones sold today an anti-competitive advantage.

cartel investigations by the European Commission have Google is also currently in yet another affair on the winding. They accuse the search engine providers to favor their own services over competitors’ offerings in the display of search results. The end of May, the European Commission demanded more concessions from Google in order to avoid a penalty billion. (anw)

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