Wednesday, June 26, 2013

New Lumia smartphone: Nokia advertises Iphone Zombies - STERN.DE

Nokia div kidding iPhone users zombies Applekalypse

iPhone users mutate into mindless zombies – at least if the new commercial of Nokia Lumia 925 gives faith. It is not the first time that the group has against Apple.

Presented Nokia Lumia 925 is its flagship on diet

News from Finland: Nokia has introduced the Lumia 925 its new Top Smartphone. It has a better camera and a modified design that is strongly reminiscent of Apple’s iPhone 4th

Mobile World Congress Nokia comes with the 15 euro phone

Nokia waived at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on superlatives. The new Lumia smartphones cavort in the mid-priced. Two new phones are somewhat hard for savers.

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