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Here we go: Apple's iRadio gets more food - NEWS

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 As you get to your ears: If iRadio the next big success of Apple As you get to your ears: If iRadio the next big success of Apple


Friday 07 June 2013

With iTunes Apple has enjoyed a history of success. The same group also seeks the technology when it comes to online radio and is on a good path. Even before the start always find more pleasure in the large record companies iRadio.

U.S. technology company Apple has signed for media information with three major record companies contracts for a new online radio. As the industry website reported, citing negotiation circles are the three companies to Warner Music, Universal Music and Sony Music. The plan is an improved version of the music streaming service Pandora. The consumer would have more control over the title than with a conventional radio, but less than for example with music services like Spotify.

the Apple advertising services to display the music according to earlier information like Pandora, it said. He should run on Apple devices such as iPhones and iPads, and possibly on Windows PCs, told the “Financial Times”.

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  • rumors of an Apple iRadio there for months. However, the company with the panel houses a long time could not agree on the royalties. The new product could give the company boost its share price has slumped by a soaring through his iPhone5.


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