Friday, June 21, 2013

Intellectual property right: Google wants to release news - Chip Online

Google News. The stumbling block

In a few weeks, on 1 August 2013, will enter the controversial intellectual property right for press publishers in force. Google now responds to it and sets the publishers a reprieve

From August it says in paragraph 87 of the Copyright Act. “Manufacturers of press product (Press Publishers) has the exclusive right to make the press product or parts thereof for commercial purposes available to the public, unless there are individual words or smallest text excerpts. ” A more precise definition of what amount of text the phrase “individual words or smallest text snippets” corresponds, there is not.

In particular, for operators of search engines and news aggregators, this means, according to its own opinion a very unclear legal. Whether their services are exceptional in accordance with the ancillary copyright, or whether the display of search results with text snippets and images (called snippets) is a licensed, is not clear from the text of the law out. In response to this legal uncertainty Google has now announced a new regulation in Google News.

Google spokesman Kay Oberbeck

On Friday are all operators of German websites that are indexed in Google News, e-mails with the subject line “News from Google News Team – Action Required” receive. This is the Google website owners a deadline of 1 August to grant Google a free permission to continue to list the contents of their Internet offerings in Google News. If this approval is not given, the corresponding portals will no longer be included in the news section. The classic Google search, however, is exempt – they will listen to any event in the future all sites that do not explicitly prohibit this in the robots.txt

this radical solution Google is now the publishers the knife on the chest: either they agree. the charge for use of the aggregated text, images and video to full, or they fly from Google News. An intermediate path does not exist. Accordingly, the publishers now have in particular, which have driven the introduction of credit protection laws, make the difficult decision of whether they can do without the major traffic channel Google News. The originally anticipated additional revenue through royalties from Google will probably fail anyway.


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