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Microsoft's preview of Windows 8.1 download free -

class=”wp_keywordlink”> Microsoft has 8 released yesterday at the opening of its Build developers conference 2013 preview version of Windows .1 for download. So far they can only download via the Windows Store. In the course of the day but are also ISO files in several languages, including German, are available.

his keynote CEO Steve Ballmer introduced the return of the start button for the classic desktop as a major innovation out of Windows 8.1. Moreover, it is possible to boot directly to the desktop. Microsoft has also revamped the start screen to allow users an easier overview of all installed applications. Anyone familiar with Windows 7 yet the representation of start button, start menu, including preferred, must still resort to third-party tools such as Classic Shell.

start screen Preview of Windows 8.1

at the end of May, Microsoft had called the first details on the new features of Windows 8.1. This includes personalization options for the start and lock screen, improved search, a new snap feature and a deeper integration of SkyDrive.

the update Microsoft Windows 8 also extends to some features and apps that will particularly enhance the capabilities of the operating system on touch screens. In addition, the Windows Store contains extensive information on the apps offered there. Developers in turn receive better opportunities to market their applications. Among other things, they should be able to appeal to users based on their individual preferences.

business users benefit after an update to Windows 8.1 more security options and new connection. Printer in a company, for example, be addressed via NFC or WiFi Direct, without any additional software or drivers to install. In addition, biometric readers and virtual smart cards for multi-factor authentication can use.

developers have since yesterday prerelease versions of Visual Studio 2013 and. NET 4.5.1 is available. The new Bing developer platform that allows programmers to the technology of Bing for Windows Phone Xbox 360 and Microsoft Office – to run applications.

users who want to test Windows 8.1 should note that they will lose all installed apps on the Final for an upgrade. Your account data and all settings will be applied. In a direct exchange of Windows 8 on the final Windows 8.1, all applications should be preserved.

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