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Autorip program: Amazon is now giving MP3s - Spiegel Online

Hamburg – The story of digital music is the story of a struggle. He began with the invention of Napster – and reached its preliminary endpoint to the service, the Amazon on Tuesday (June 25) introduced in Germany. For 500,000 CDs, tapes and vinyl records is now: Who buys the product, get the digital versions of the content contained thereon free. In MP3 form, in high quality (256 KB / s) without copy protection. Who bought music since 1999 on Amazon, which belongs to the so-called catalog Autorip program is rewarded retroactively MP3s in his Amazon cloud storage loaded. So if some time Amazon customer, is possibly find gifts when the next time he logs into his account.

many years, the major record companies have been fighting against exactly this kind of digitization. You have copy protection mechanisms devised, which should ensure that you just can not just rip and convert an MP3 file to a CD. Sony distributed for this purpose at times even secretly software, root kits, which of IT security experts was interpreted as dangerous, so hostile act. Some buyers found that newly purchased CDs in some players were not running because of the copy protection prevented. ITunes then left it to default that to rip a CD and integrated into its library, but again only in the first copy-protected form. And now there are MP3 for free

. “Born to Die” and “Born to Run”

One could also say that the tech giant, led by Apple and Amazon, have won the power struggle with the music industry. The responsible for the Autorip program manager at Amazon Steve Boom says on demand: “I do not know whether we could have done five years ago.” You have the industry but do not have to force to join now insured boom: “The labels like the program because for the first time in a long time someone makes a valuable possession of the actual music.” Artists in turn appreciated the program because it verleite more buyers to buy whole albums instead of individual songs.

For those who still buy the music on the record, the offer is tempting: the music is right there, even if the album still needs in the post a few days. And it is immediately on all devices, from smart phones to computers to tablet available. “We take the customer the hassle of ripping the CD,” says Boom. Especially in Germany, this market is still highly relevant: In this country, according to the Federation of the Phonographic Industry still accounts for 80 percent of sales are generated with music on disks

.Previously had

music manager kept this kind of simplification of impairment, even for mind-boggling: Finally, it was distributed in their perception mainly via Napster, Morpheus, Kazaa and Co. MP3 files that brought their industry sales. Some of the labels apparently also insisted the Amazon MP3s add digital watermarks – so that they recognize in a sharing and perhaps be traced to the source

. 500,000 CDs – but these are not just far from all

The second, probably more important concession to the industry is the extent of the catalog: 500,000 CDs, Records & Tapes are a lot, but far less than the memory of all world records. Amazon even offers her about five million CDs and records and over 27 million MP3 songs. So the Autorip offer includes only a fraction of the complete catalog.

the Autorip offerings however are quite current title – the new Black Sabbath album as well as Daft Punk, La-Brassa-Banda album as “Delta Machine” by Depeche Mode. Among the older albums Autorip example, “Blood Sugar Sex Magik” by The Red Hot Chili Peppers, “21″ by Adele and “Born to Die” by Lana Del Rey. But the catalog goes back further, to about “Born to Run” by Bruce Springsteen and “Blonde on Blonde” by Bob Dylan.

all the major labels and hundreds of independent labels are on board, says boom – but not what they have to offer with everything


Nevertheless, Amazon’s new offer, a frontal assault on Apple: An Autorip buyers get for your money – depending on the album price, of course – tend to have more than one iTunes client. The goal is clear: It’s not just to promote buyers for music and audio books, but also about attracting customers from Apple’s cloud data in the Amazon cloud. “It’s a great way for us to move customers to change,” Boon says frankly. If Apple had expressed to the program in any way? “Well,” says Boom, “they do not sell plates, so they can do little.”

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