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PRISM whistleblower committed - Heise Newsticker

A 29-year-old engineer is the source of the recent revelations about the massive data collection of the U.S. Secret Service NSA at U.S. Internet services. He went on Sunday night with an interview in British newspaper Guardian customization of the shadows. The young man named Edward Snowden worked according to own data for the last four years as employees of outside firms for the U.S. NSA. “You have no idea what anything is possible,” he said about the spying capabilities of the Americans.

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Edward Snowden
Image: The Guardian According to the documents revealed by Snowden, the NSA collects data at a large scale Internet services like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple and Yahoo. “I do not want to live in a society that makes such a thing,” Snowden said. “I do not want to live in a world where everything I do and say is recorded.” His greatest fear is that nothing will change.

The U.S. government had only a few hours earlier dismissed the information on a sprawling collection of data on the Internet through a system called PRISM. “PRISM is not a secret program to collect or vacuuming of data,” said U.S. intelligence director James Clapper on Saturday. “It is an internal computer system of government.” It serves to support the legally permitted collecting electronic information from the Foreign Intelligence.

Snowden described in Guardian , however even a greater dimension of the data collection as revealed by the documents he suggest: “The NSA has built an infrastructure that allows you to catch almost anything.” Thus, the majority of human communication will automatically absorbed. “If I wanted to look into their email or to the phone your wife, I would just call the intercepted data. I can get their e-mails, passwords, call data, credit card information.”

Snowden was on 20 May 2013 fled to Hong Kong with the documents and spoke there with the Guardian . He is aware of the consequences of his actions. “Nothing good,” was his answer to the question of what will happen to him next. He assumed that he could never again make contact with his family or his friends. His hope is that it will not extradite Hong Kong, even though it was clear the risk of a prison sentence from the beginning. “I do not think I’ll ever see my home.”

Hong Kong he had chosen as a target because the Special Economic Zone shall have the right to free speech and political deviation. The Hong Kong government is independent of China, Snowden said. The U.S. would possibly make a request for extradition or the Chinese government could consider it as an important source of information. Also he could be kidnapped and brought to the United States, which fears loud loud Guardian .

Snowden acted accordingly also at the CIA, as employees of several companies such as external consulting firm Booz Allen Hamilton and the PC maker Dell. He describes his former life as pleasant with an annual salary of $ 200,000, a secure job and a home in Hawaii, where he lived with his girlfriend. He wanted to sacrifice it because he could not reconcile it with his conscience, that the U.S. government destroy the privacy, freedom of the Internet and basic freedoms worldwide with its surveillance apparatus.

The Guardian reported at the weekend from a system of NSA, which give an overview of the collected worldwide electronic information. It Hot “Boundless informant” (about: boundless informant) and show, among other things, how to distribute data on individual countries. In March alone, the NSA had collected 97 billion units of computer data networks around the world, according to the system. Of this amount, 14 billion to 13.5 billion to Pakistan and Iran, as the Guardian reported. ( Material with the dpa ) / (anw)

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