Monday, June 17, 2013

iOS Controller: First Images of Logitech device surfaced -

Soon there will be an official Apple-certified game controller for iOS. Now images of a prototype of a Logitech controller have surfaced for the iPhone 5th


game controller for iOS there for some time, most of them like a shell enclosing an iPhone via Bluetooth and make contact with the apps. However, the support for device holds through apps still limited, since there is still no single solution for the whole platform.

Apple wants to change himself and now has the requirements for iOS and OS X game controller unveiled at WWDC, which may get the “Made for iPhone / iPad / iPod / Mac” certificate from the manufacturer. Drawings for example, showed how the button layout should look like. At the same time, there will be corresponding programming interface in iOS 7 and OS X Mavericks. This should be ensured that the controller also find many apps support.

on the website Kotaku an image of a controller is now appeared to be Apple’s requirements – it should be a model of Logitech. It is also in this controller to a “shell” on the left is a control pad, right buttons action. Lightning in a controller connection is integrated so that the tool is designed for the iPhone 5 and the fifth-generation iPod touch.

A reader from 9 to 5 Mac had participated in a session of Apple’s WWDC, on which an image of a controller could be seen on a presentation slide. This is apparently the same model. Crytek again working on a shooter game for iOS, to help the “MFi” controller. During the presentation of such a controller was used – even here it could well have been the Logitech model


For some games, the control via the touch screen really has little value – because it takes a haptic feedback. Nice that there will soon be unified controller

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