Monday, June 24, 2013

Microsoft giving away something: "Age of Empires" soon on the iPhone - NEWS

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Monday 24 June 2013

real-time strategy in the late 1990s has a name: “Age of Empires”. The series is one of the most successful PC game series of all time. Microsoft now plans to order a coup.

" " Age of Empires: One of the most successful PC games series could soon their success on continue to smartphones. “Age of Empires”: A of the most successful PC games series could soon continue their success on the smartphone.

The U.S. software giant Microsoft intends According to a media report its consoles and computer games – including “Age of Empires” – run on Apple’s iPhone and other smartphone platforms provider. Microsoft go to an alliance with the Japanese game developers a Klab, reported the Japanese business newspaper “Nikkei”. About licenses Klab will then make the games from Microsoft for the iPhone and the Android operating system from Google available.

The legendary “Age of the Empires” should be made available free of charge for all systems, it said. Other games would follow.

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  • “Age of Empires” came in 1997 as a real-time strategy game on the market. Several successors and spin-offs followed. Sold millions of times, it was a great commercial success and one of the most successful PC games series. Of klab comes about “Lord of the Dragons” for the iPhone.


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