Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Sony Playstation 4 versus Microsoft Xbox One: Battle of the Super Consoles: PS4 ... - ABC Online

Sony and Microsoft have betrayed the E3 more to their new game console Playstation 4 and Xbox One – the prices. Sony wipes the opponent several times from one. But which console can do what? . A point-by-point comparison

the world’s largest E3 2013 is the venue for the Battle of Giants: Both Microsoft and Sony revealed details about their new game consoles. Sony had the Playstation 4 announced in February – but to show, without the hardware of the console. For this, the Japanese reaped scorn and derision. Microsoft waited until May, presented the Xbox console along with One to watch. But the company is focused on the presentation of the multimedia capabilities of the device. The look of the Xbox One came away not good – they remember a VCR, some mocked. The result is that gamers were disappointed


not going to critique a At E3 now wanted both manufacturers make more or less botched first performances well again.. Create Microsoft yesterday evening at 18.30 CET clock and reflected on one thing: to new games. The event was an explosion of new games, Microsoft also revealed the price of the Xbox One: 499 euros. But the Americans went with no word on a criticism of the gaming community. Which is acidic because the console gets an online constraint missed. How should the use of used games will be prevented

Sony followed with an event by 3 clock at night (CET) -.. Outplayed and Microsoft in many ways

But what can the two super consoles in direct comparison – both what the price and terms of the technical equipment? We provide point to point towards.

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