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New mobile operating system, Apple makes the iPhone airy - Sü

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10 June 2013 20:50

Here the WWDC takes place: Conference Building in San Francisco

(Photo: REUTERS )

Apple is under pressure. The value of the Group has reduced massively in a few months on the market, Samsung sold more smartphones than the Californians. CEO Tim Cook will present this evening in San Francisco something new. Only, what? The operating system iOS is clearly purifies.

On this Monday evening begins Apple’s WWDC developer conference names. CEO Tim Cook and colleagues have presented in an opening speech, the keynote, a few new features.

  • new operating system for Mac: It’s called “Mavericks” and is intended to save battery power in the future, Apple promises. The house is to be the fastest browser Safari browser.
  • new iOS Style: Apple changes the appearance of its mobile operating system radically. Individual apps on iPhone and iPad losing its haptic appearance, their shadows, their relationship to materials such as leather and paper. The new design is minimalist flat design – that was an overdue step, designer Philipp Joyce said in the pre-run interview
  • .

  • iRadio: Apple Spotify will compete and start your own music streaming service. All major labels are now on board with the project. But the service will first be only in the USA.
  • no iWatch: Although Cook has already said that the wrist is a nice place to wear something. But he has not presented a SmartWatch. Whether Apple iWatch future brings to the market is completely open. It is clear that the watch industry calmly sees the step as this article describes. Here also an overview of the watches were once cool.
  • Other rumors , which went through the net before the presentation are available here in a not entirely serious summary.
  • Here the live blog for the presentation:



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