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battle of the consoles

Sony or Microsoft, Playstation 4 or Xbox One? The two games giants to provide for bitter arms race. Round one went to the Japanese now

Sony or Microsoft, Playstation 4 or Xbox One? The two games giants to provide for bitter arms race. Round one went to the Japanese now From


The longer Sony’s presentation of the new game console Playstation 4, the martial was the language of the observers and analysts. At first they talked of it, the Japanese company has its U.S. rival Microsoft pulled a welt right across the face, then already stuck a knife in the back of the Redmond company, which ultimately drilled deeper and deeper.

the showdown of the two console giants on the world’s most important gaming convention, E3 in Los Angeles, Sony has over Microsoft, which had a few hours earlier unveiled its Xbox One, points . Mainly by the price: The Playstation 4 will cost 399 euros with stately 100 euros less than the Xbox one. This is a challenge – and a surprise for experts: The previous PS3 console was still a lot more expensive than the introduction to her former rival Xbox 360 and the Nintendo console


According to Lewis Ward, manager at market research firm IDC, the PS4 has the potential to bring Sony back in the lead – as was the case with the Playstation 2nd Although Sony could based on the global sales of the third version of the console set from Microsoft, but lagged behind Nintendo. At E3, Nintendo is noticed by no spectacular new announcements, and available since November last year Wii U sold by IDC analyzes a lot worse than expected.

It seems to come down to a battle between Microsoft and Sony. And Sony has managed to win for the player community – through two announcements. On the one hand, “it is for the PS4 no restrictions on used games” and thus provide for the rights of use, such as Sony’s Jack Tretton announced U.S. managers.

addition, the player does not require a permanent internet connection – except of course for online role-playing games. But who wants to start the title in single player mode, you can do so without having to be online. Microsoft had two points in the player community mightily scared before. Who wants daddeln with the Xbox, you have to have reported online on the portal within 24 hours in order to continue to play.

With restrictions on used games, it looks even darker from: The handling it leaves the Microsoft game publishers. At E3 at least no announcement was heard that says the opposite. As a Microsoft game exhibition before the Xbox one presented about three weeks, the U.S. group made another faux pas. The presenters showed less of a games console rather than a center for the living room, which can cope with television, video, music and the Internet in their own words. This may impress some non-players, the true game fans demanded but first of all for a console. It rained violent protests in online forums, many were disappointed, some applied literally. Investors and analysts reacted: They left after the Xbox-one presentation from Sony’s share price by ten percent to skyrocket


At E3, Sony also appeared in hard currency, the games to be able to outdo the competition. Especially many titles will come from independent studios. This is also a jab at Microsoft: Many small publishers complained recently that they had not made it to the Xbox platform. Sony has, it seems, collect malcontents and win for themselves. Especially as the industry giants such as Electronic Arts and Ubisoft struggling with sales problems. It was first insolvencies and there were redundancies in a large scale. Since small development studios belong to the hope charms.

Sony had to offer at E3 impressive content. As the adventure game “The Order in 1886″ or “Kingdom Hearts 3″, a role playing game with Disney cartoon characters. Then it was quiet. Often, the presenters could only announce changes in the details – from games that had been introduced several months ago, such as “Final Fantasy 15″ or “Killzone: Shadow Fall”


After 140 games are available for the Playstation 4 in development, Sony announced. That’s an impressive number, but most of them are available only in the course of the coming year. 100 games will be there within one year after the launch of the PS4, it said. In addition, also available for the PS3 titles that can be downloaded from the cloud service Gaikai, in 2014 will be available. In contrast, Microsoft is likely to bring many titles already on the market earlier. In detail, this was not much to hear from Microsoft.

At least there will be very many games, and yet so many exclusives than ever to launch a new console generation. This has been betrayed, and that the Xbox One goes on sale in November Microsoft. The Sony had little to counter: representatives spoke vaguely assumed that the PS4 will be released before Christmas


Technically, both consoles will probably be up to date and offer exciting features. This is to be expected given the long development time and the prices. Many details have yet to be either manufacturer known, but there is an advantage to Microsoft: the Kinect. So that games can be controlled by gestures or language. Sony’s Kinect counterpart, the “Camera Eye” is hardly a serious competitor. Firstly, the Playstation customer must also shell out about 60 euros for it and for other controller – hence the price advantage over the Xbox One would shrink again. Secondly, it is not as mature as the Kinect.

almost entirely unmentioned were both party manufacturer and recreational games and thus the strong competition from smartphones, tablets and game apps. But they showed why consoles have their place – regardless of the precise control. The look is rich in detail as never before, each blade reacts to the wind and the characters move almost human. This allows game apps for smartphones and tablets not keep up.

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