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Apple developers conference in California sets only once before - FAZ - Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

© AP Tim Cook introduces the new version of the Apple operating system for iPhone and iPad: iOS 7 comes with new features and a significantly changed appearance. ” / span>

The pressure on Apple was enormous. And Tim Cook has very much to be done on Monday at the developer conference in San Francisco, so that the company will continue to be perceived as one of the most innovative computer manufacturer. But the Apple CEO unveiled basically only what had been previously speculated in blogs and media. Therefore, Cook was not surprised with unexpected new products. But for him yet

succeeded, that the audience is not only mandatory, but enthusiastically applauded in some detail.

comes as the new version (10.9) of the operating system Mac OS X. Apple has called it “Mavericks” (thus deviating from the Lion Series from) and gives him some useful new features. Individual windows can be displayed as tabs (tab). These can be set individually, so that the navigation is limited to a window in the Finder. Documents can be marked with “tags” and so wanted. Several jobs on a screen are designed so that programs can be moved between them. The battery life is greatly extended if the Macbooks by the processors to work more efficiently in “Mavericks”. Apple has also further developed its Safari browser. The reader functionality such as easier to store and reading articles on the net. The browser beats the new operating system with application forms and a secure password before storing it. The same applies also for filling out credit card forms. In connection with the new version of the operating system, Apple has also packed the maps app on iPhone and iPad to your computer.

It all happened very quickly, as the new features of the operating system Mac OS X Mavericks were presented during the event. Nevertheless, some functionality already demonstrated their practical value, such as the tabs. Others, like the “tags” have yet to prove themselves in daily life probably. In previous versions there were frequent features that are rarely heard their application.

Tim Cook also filed with iOS 7, the new version of the iPhone operating system before. Part of the audience stood up and gave a standing ovation. Cook called the software “the biggest change in this operating system since the introduction of the iPhone.” The reaction of the audience and what he imagined, prove him right. The design has changed significantly compared to iOS 6 The handwriting Jonathan Ives is obvious. Apple has the screen more transparent, refined typography, introduced new wiper functions used multitasking and improved the camera app. The novelty has been written about the most ahead, was included as well: iTunes radio. It is integrated into the new Music app from iOS 7th Here the user can access personalized radio stations based on the music catalogs of iTunes.

Apple plays his trump card to have a huge database in the repertoire with the iTunes Store. Again, Apple did not invent the wheel. There are already offers such as Pandora or Spotify, which offer similar functions. Tempting for the user is of course on iTunes Radio integrating this Internet radio service into its Apple devices.

news there’s also the hardware. Thus, the popular Macbook Airs have been improved. Your batteries are partially a half times longer than before, now for up to twelve hours. Their working speed has become faster and the disk size was doubled for the same price. Although relatively clear was that Tim Cook would present a new Mac Pro, but the device itself was a big surprise. Anyway, the look. The new version of Mac Pro desktop computer is a columnar computer, which in the exterior completely different from its predecessor. When inner life is like any keynote: more, faster, smaller, better. Phil Schiller came when enumerating the technical details to any more. The Mac Pro is incidentally manufactured in the United States.

For Apple, it is increasingly difficult for two reasons, to surprise with real innovation. On the one formed in advance of the numerous speculations on blogs and media continually cut sets that come with the facts on the evening of the event very close. And secondly, the competition is still strong as an ox and prevents its own products, the scope for innovation remains very small. For all the fascination that iOS has 7 exercised in those few minutes: one or the other function should be familiar to Android users


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Apple surprised with new iOS operating system

New hardware and software

Apple’s iOS 7 might not like it

only the competition From Marco Dettweiler

Apple had to show at this year’s developer conference truly innovative. With the new version of the operating system iOS CEO Cook enthusiastic Although the fans. But a technological revolution does not take place as expected.

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