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Ausspäh affair NSA intercepts millions of Yahoo and Google Data From - THE WORLD


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The film comes from a NSA presentation from January 2013. shows you how the

NSA intercepts millions of Yahoo and Google data from

The U.S. NSA has apparently secretly latched into the lines of Google and Yahoo worldwide. When metadata was not close: There are texts and videos have been intercepted


The U.S. NSA has apparently secretly latched into the lines of Google and Yahoo worldwide. When it was not closing Metadata: It should have been intercepted texts and videos


The U.S. NSA has the information superhighway of the Internet companies Yahoo and Google cracked by a report in the “Washington Post” to intercept millions of information. The online edition of the newspaper appealed to the report from Wednesday to documents of the former NSA employee Edward Snowden and information from government employees.

After a secret internal installation of 9 January 2013 to the NSA transmit millions of daily data from the internal networks of Yahoo and Google in their own data warehouse at Fort Meade in the State of Maryland. In the past 30 days, 180 million new records had been transferred. Below are called metadata, from which it is apparent, who, when the e-mails sent or received. But had also contain content such as text, audio or video files.

The NSA operate with the British GCHQ an “unusually aggressive” tool called “Muscular” that disclosing the data. It differs from a secret court approved Spähprogramm “prism” that the U.S. authorities enables direct access to Internet communications across multiple providers.

It was not previously known that the NSA also routinely foregoing against U.S. companies. You use from here to access links to data centers outside the United States, which is legally easier. Google as they operate in Ireland, Finland, Belgium, Chile or Singapore.

In a text message to the newspaper Google had “troubled” by the allegations raised “that the government picks up the traffic between our data centers.” The company was not aware of these measures. “We are concerned about the possibility of this kind of spying, which is why we continue to expand the encryption on more and more Google services for a long time.”

Yahoo said in a reaction from having “strict protocols” for the protection of data in the data centers. You have given no government agency access. The NSA, however, speaks in internal presentations always expect to have access.

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