Monday, October 14, 2013

Internet - spyware protection: Telekom wants Internet traffic to U.S. and ... -

Telekom submitted a proposal, which they want to divert Internet traffic to pass U.S. and Britain to protect customers against espionage from abroad. This one wants to meet with all key business partners, an agreement to conduct some e-mails and other information exchange hubs within Germany.

Opposite the Business Week said Telecoms Data Protection Officer Thomas Kremer, one wants the transmitters and the receivers in Germany guarantee that not a single byte Germany leaves and even temporarily exceed the limit.

Internet traffic

know no bounds, as the data for the entire world can be conducted, he told the Rheinische Post. But should the sender and receiver are in Germany, should remain in Germany of Internet traffic.


Telekom can implement anything, the agreement of all competitors is required. And international companies such as Vodafone and Telef√≥nica currently examining “very closely” whether they want to participate in “National Routing”. Meanwhile, the network operator QSC are skeptical, you can finally see the Internet not doubt whether the data is national or international.

Ultimately, the aim

Telekom even a European solution, just without the UK. That it can work, you should show only according to Kremer in Germany. Until then, there are still technical and legal hurdles to overcome.

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