Thursday, October 17, 2013

Microsoft Windows 8.1: the best tablets, notebooks, hybrid devices and All-in ... -

class=”ajaxCaption”> Who has held back until now with the purchase of a new Windows 8 computer to wait that Microsoft removed one way or another vulnerability that can strike now finally.

No, Microsoft has not scrapped the new operating system – as it perhaps as some might have wished – and for the good old Windows 7 brought back. Microsoft has 8.1 OS on an appropriate fine tuning done with Windows to provide users in an updated environment now felt more comfortable. As of today, the current version is available for download.

As early as last year when Window 8 was launched, the PC maker also announce new hardware products at this time that the updated operating system are matched. We have summarized our view, the most promising options. We have compiled the most interesting Windows 8 systems.

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