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Mavericks, iWork and iLife, Apple's new free culture - FAZ - Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

© AP Vergrößern Do not worry, Tim Cook knows where he wants to go

One thing you can

Apple – The dramaturgy of the previous evening had succeeded. It started as usual with the figures of the company. On the first weekend, the company sold nine million new iPhones. The iPad has – as of last night – sold 170 million times. And so on. This we know from the previous keynotes. Then came a dull moment, as Craig Federighi, the new operating system Mac OS X Mavericks presented. Because almost exactly the same, including the jokes, he had already presented at the event in June.

But suddenly a new information ripped from a half-sleep. The new operating system is free! Anyone who has a Mac, just only needs to perform the update and is up to date on Mac OS X. And who buys a Mac, the new operating system gets free anyway. Apple distributed gifts to his customers?

The show had more to offer in this regard. The renewed Apple iWork and iLife software, there are free with every new Mac. These are the apps Pages, Numbers, Keynote, iPhoto, iMovie and GarageBand. And for owners of an Apple computer also applies here: The updates to the latest versions are also free. So that the user is equipped with programs for writing and page layout, spreadsheet, presentation of content, photo management, video editing and music production.

against the other manufacturer

Free Apple

offensive effort on the one hand against Microsoft with its Office suite. The years there have been for the Mac and is often bought by mandatory users who do not want to miss out on Word, Excel and PowerPoint, because they know it from their Windows days yet. That Pages, Numbers and Keynote from Apple are real alternatives, has probably not so much reflected in the sales figures, as it had expected Apple. Why else would the company should offer the software for free now? There are also real competition to iPhoto, iMovie and GarageBand, but these iLife apps Umsonst the offer all the more surprising because some of them for months among the best selling products in the App Store.

At this point, one must also make it clear that Apple does not give its customers hundreds of euros. The last update to Mac OS X Lion Mountain cost less than 20 euros. And the individual apps from iLife and iWork each about ten euros.

For the

own universe

free-will on the other hand offer a full service to Apple customers. Criticized by many in the closed system you will feel more comfortable if one finds the free basic software. And have to admit outside the computer nerds and free spirits there. Very many Apple customers will be fully sufficient, together with the new operating system and iLife and iWork to do all their job responsibilities and to pursue their private hobbies. And who still hesitates because he has no desire to move from Word to Pages or Numbers on Excel, think about it if the free offer even more.

From the user’s point of view Apple’s new strategy is very attractive. Are you the Apple world completely out of what now must spend at less than before, and the company offers the best possible cooperation between the programs. The system will be of a piece in the future. It is this interplay of individual programs has always worked extremely well at Apple. And this advantage of Mac OS X to play in Cupertino now even more pronounced.

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Mavericks, iWork and iLife, Apple’s new free culture

Mavericks, iWork and iLife

Apple’s new free culture

From Marco Dettweiler

Tim Cook has shown at the event in San Francisco on all products that had been previously speculated in blogs and portals. But with one thing had not really expected.

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