Saturday, October 26, 2013

Deaths from pre-Columbian times: Researchers discover ancient mummies in Peru - ABC Online

a cemetery in Peru Archaeologists have discovered two intact mummies, which apparently date from the early history of the country. A laboratory investigation should bring more details now.

More than a thousand years old, the two could be mummies, archaeologists now during excavations in the capital of Lima in the archaeological site of Huaca Pucllana have been found. They discovered the two dead from pre-Columbian times in a cemetery from the days before the Inca rule, as the senior archaeologist Gladys Paz said Thursday. If it were one of the most important discoveries in “more than three decades,” because the two mummies were completely preserved. The intact grave was discovered five days ago.In the grave goods such as cloth bags, vessels and the remains of three guinea pigs were found. In the second dead man, a child, if it were a victim who had been buried with the dead, Paz said since excavation began in 1981, were at Huaca Pucllana, a pyramidal temple, more than 70 tombs found. Huaca Pucllana was built between 100 and 600 AD.

In 2010, archaeologists discovered the grave of a woman already there with their four children, in 2008, the mummy of a 13-year-old was found.

recent finds will now be examined in the laboratory to determine the age and sex of the dead.

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