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iPad Rumors: Apple shows Tablets 22 October - STERN.DE

 iPad mini, iPhone 5, Apple iPhone 5S

The journalists Invitation by Apple for the iPad event ©

update 15 October

A pple has sent out invitations for an event to journalists on Tuesday. It says: “We have a lot to cover silent” – perhaps an allusion to the Smart Cover, a kind of protective cover for the iPad. Supposed to be shown a new iPad, an improved iPad Mini, new Macbook Pros and possibly the Power Converter Mac Pro. The scene is the Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco. stern.de will report on the event.

 iPad mini, iPhone 5, Apple iPhone 5S

Are these the new iPad? ©

update 11 October

Probably 22 October Apple will introduce two new iPads, the iPad 5 (9.7 inches) and the second version of the iPad Mini (7.9 inches). Officially, Apple has been expressed either by the deadline or at the event itself. But the rumor mill is brewing for quite some time: The new big iPad will be significantly narrower than its predecessor and resemble the look of the small model that will eventually get donated a retina display. Show the newly discovered pictures that are circulating on the net.

There will also be the Tablets in the new iPhone colors – silver, gray space-and possibly even gold. Whether a fingerprint scanner is installed as the iPhone 5S, is not yet known. The new zwiefarbige flash next to the rear camera, it does not seem to give.

Update: 2 October

With the distribution of Apple’s new iPad mini with a high-resolution Retina display, it comes According suppliers circles might be delays. The U.S. computer giant will hardly be able to bring the new version of the iPad later this month on a large scale in the trade, the insider said on Wednesday. This was probably early next year at the earliest possible. This might also affect the important Christmas business. Among other things, with the Retina display, but Apple wants to score against the tablet computers of its rivals Google and Amazon. “Without retina, there will be a great howl,” said Forrester analyst Frank Gillett. Apple declined to comment on possible delays. Why it could come to them, was not immediately clear.

update 30 September

that the iPad 5 will be slimmer than its predecessor, it has been speculated for some time. Now a video has surfaced showing the hardware of iPhone 4, iPad, iPad mini and the alleged 5 next to each other. The video of the Chinese equipment dealer sw-box According to the iPad 5 is about 15 millimeters narrower be 2 millimeters shorter and 2 millimeters thinner than the iPad 4 The color of the device shown is the new “Space Grey”, in which Apple delivers the iPhone 5S.

 iPad mini, iPhone 5, Apple iPhone 5S

If the new iPad Mini in space gray? ©

update 18 September

Apple introduced the new iPhone models a few days ago, and now the fans are eagerly awaiting the new tablets. Is rumored to be on 15 October so far. What will be seen exactly is unclear. Perhaps the iPad could the fifth generation as well as the iPhone 5S be equipped with a fingerprint scanner (Touch ID) and a 64-bit processor. The new colors of smartphones could keep feeder, such as a recently aufgteauchtes photo suggests. Images from Japan show the alleged back of the new iPad Mini in space gray. This shade has replaced the black iPhone.

 iPad mini, iPhone 5, Apple iPhone 5S

The iPhone 5 will be slimmer and to adjust the look of the iPad Mini ©

The competition is not sleeping, which might have also noticed Apple: Google has launched its seven-inch tablet Nexus 7 on the German market a few weeks ago, Samsung presented on Wednesday at the IFA with a ten- inch device to. Both devices have higher-resolution displays and are thinner and lighter than their predecessors. In contrast, Apple has since last October when the iPhone 4 and the iPad Mini were shown nothing done. That should soon change: According to the analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who often gave correct predictions in the past, Apple will bring this year two new iPad models on the market


mini iPad 2 with retina display

Originally, the new iPad would have planned for the coming year, says Kuo. However, Apple had seen that too many interested customers could grab the lucrative Christmas rush to the high-resolution devices the competition. Therefore, the company decided to bring forward the new models, so to start, but only a few devices could be available. The idea: instead of access to competing product, some customers would rather wait a few weeks, possibly on an iPad Mini 2


The new mini tablet will not only have a Retina display – the current version has a resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels – but also a faster computer chip. Is needed to represent the higher pixel count fluently. This, however, would be borne by the battery, making a battery with larger capacity would be needed to guarantee the same duration as before. According to Kuo, is stuck in a second-generation iPad Mini A7X-chip, the iPhone 5 will also come in to use. But may also get the A5X used, which drives the Retina display in the iPad third This option would cost reasons for Apple clearly lucrative.

The iPad 5 to be optically aligned with the iPad Mini and much flatter. Apparently Apple could be on the same technology that is already used on small tablet for use: There, the touch screen is not made of glass (like the iPad 4), but plastic


Kuo believes that in 2014, yet another iPad mini will appear, which will have an older processor, no need for a Retina display and is therefore much cheaper.

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