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If you want to see in future not be user picture next to Google ads, you must check that no check mark sitting in the account settings in the wrong place. If you want to see in future not be user picture next to Google ads, you must check that no check mark sitting in the account settings in the wrong place (Photo: Google).

Tuesday 15 October 2013

For several days ensures a planned change of Google’s Terms of resentment for the Internet. The company wants to continue to show ads with recommendations profile picture its users if they agree. That sounds fair, but a major problem, but small.

In the battle for advertising dollars on the net Google wants to be able to call on recommendations and reviews of its users. Profile name, online reviews, photos and “Plus 1″ recommendations from members of our own network Google+ to be used for advertising. This is shown by a corresponding change in the conditions of use, informed of the Google e-mail and website notification. So that Google suggests a similar path to that of the online network Facebook, which already uses the preferences of its members for advertising.

“For example, the term” looking Italian restaurant “, in addition to the display of a restaurant nearby also report the positive experience of a friend to view. Google Play On, you can see if a friend of a new song or album +1 has given, “explains Google” shared recommendations “. Who is registered as minors in Google, can not release its own recommendations for ads.

agreement provided

The internet giant will change the settings to 11 November to come into force, not secretly. Users must agree to the use of their information for social recommendations into display explicitly. Who does not enable the relevant settings, the profile picture and information do not appear in ads.


should be basically set a check mark in the settings for social recommendations in Germany when they first visited. However, many users report that when they consent has been activated and they had to remove the checkmark. If you have a Google account, so it should absolutely check the appropriate page.

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  • pioneer in this type of display has been Facebook. For some time, the network sets the preferences of its members for advertising messages. The Internet advertising as the paint gets a personal recommendation from friends. Also on Facebook users can turn off this option.

    advertising with paid search results or ads on sites like YouTube is the main source of revenue for Google. However, last fall, prices for online ads.

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