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Hubble Finds Galaxy as old as the Universe - THE WORLD


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The galaxy in the green area in the image is the most distant galaxy that astronomers on Earth's sky.

Hubble Finds Galaxy as old as the universe

humanity can dream away – far, far away: The space telescope “Hubble” has surveyed and mapped the far distant galaxy. The light from z8_GND_5296 has taken a long time to us.

Humanity can dream far away – far, far away: The space telescope “Hubble” has the most distant galaxy so far surveyed and mapped. The light from z8_GND_5296 has taken a long time to us.


astronomers have detected the most distant galaxy so far in Earth’s sky. The star system is so far away that its light 13.1 billion years was way to us, almost the entire age of the universe. The galaxy light from an era just after the Big Bang to us as the discoverer report to Steven Finkelstein of the University of Texas at Austin in the British journal “Nature”.

“We can take a look at the conditions in the universe throw, as it had only five percent of its present age of 13.8 billion years,” said co-author Casey Papovich a statement of the university. The analysis shows that the distant galaxy with the catalog number z8_GND_5296 produces new stars in a surprisingly rapid pace – hundreds of times faster than our own galaxy, the Milky Way


ensure that the newly discovered galaxy is similar to the previous distance record holder, is in the same region of the sky. Also, this produces new stars galaxy churning. “From this we learn something about the young universe,” said Finkelstein. “There are many more sites with very high star formation rate than we previously thought. If we can find two of them in the same section of the sky, there must be a whole lot of it.”

The researchers were encountered in a sky survey of the “Hubble” space telescope to record the galaxy. The telescope had mapped the biggest project of its history, around 100,000 new galaxies in the program “Candels.”

43 of the team of Finkelstein had studied closer to the Keck Observatory in Hawaii. The astronomers could determine the distance of the galaxy record z8_GND_5296 spectroscopy. Although there were other candidates for extremely distant galaxies from the early universe, but z8_GND_5296 is the one galaxy with the largest confirmed distance.

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