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Google Chrome for Windows XP support at least until April 2015 -

class=”wp_keywordlink”> Google provides Windows XP users until at least April 2015 updates for Chrome available. The Internet company’s response to Microsoft’s announcement to discontinue support of more than twelve years old operating system in April 2014. In addition, Google has updated its browser to version 30.0.1599.101 to close five vulnerabilities.

Google Chrome

“As with all technologies reach the end of their lives, the XP operating system and most of its desktop applications werdem no longer receive updates or security patches,” writes Mark Larson, director of engineering at Google, in a blog entry. “Because unpatched browser error are often exploited by malware to infect computers, we extend our support for Chrome for Windows XP and will provide at least until April 2015 regularly updates and security patches.”

There are still hundreds of millions of users rely on Windows XP, so Larson on. Many of them are also Chrome users. In addition, many companies could not move to a newer operating system their XP applications. “Our goal is to support XP users during this period of transition. It is particularly important that Chrome is automatically updated for XP to protect against malware and phishing attacks. “

company provides Google with legacy browsers also support the ability to set Chrome as the default browser, and to limit the use of an old, unsupported browser to certain web applications. The exchange between Chrome browser and a second will follow automatically.

available since last security update for Chrome removes three use-after-free bugs, one of which according to the company pose a high risk. An attacker could exploit the vulnerability to inject malicious code or run within the sandbox of the browser. The details of two other gaps Google still holds back, as they relate to third-party libraries that are used by other applications, and for which there are no fixes.

the vulnerabilities were discovered by Atte Kettunen of the University of Oulu in Finland and a user named “cloudfuzzer”. The latter received from Google for two bug reports filed for a premium of $ 4,000. Additional $ 1,000 went to Kettunen. The amount of the reward, which distributes Google, depends on the severity of the vulnerability found.

Chrome 30.0.1599.101 is available now for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux , and Chrome Frame to download. Users who have already installed Chrome will automatically receive the update.


  • Chrome for Windows 30.0 (1599.101)
  • Chrome for Mac OS X 30.0 (1599.101)
  • Chrome for companies 30.0 (1599.101)
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