Thursday, October 17, 2013

Microsoft Start button brings back: With Windows 8.1 is programmed new trouble - ABC Online

outrage after the release of Windows 8 was great. Many users were able to do much with the features of the operating system. With Microsoft Windows 8.1 is a step back – and risking new trouble

Newfangled tiled look, touch screen use and no start button. The Windows 8 had published a year ago by the part of users and many experts abundant take criticism. Instead of switching to Microsoft’s new operating system, so many consumers prefer 7

Microsoft remained the same in the successful predecessor Windows plan to create an operating system and equally for classical computers such as laptops and desktop computers, but also for tablet computer smartphones is suitable not worked. The profit of the Windows division halved last even to just $ 1.1 billion. This is due particularly the further decline in PC sales.

Therefore, many hopes rest on the major update Windows 8.1, get the users of Windows 8 for free and on 18 October formally displayed. To download the new version is even 17 October at about 13 clock ready. The reason for this is New Zealand, there begins the 18th October a good eleven hours earlier than here. The download will all Windows 8-owners directly offered through Windows Update. Who does not already have Windows 8, Windows 8.1 paid for the Pro version about 130 euros, the normal full version is priced at about 90 euros.

The new version of the operating system to counteract the current downward trend. This is Microsoft a step back and focuses again more on successful predecessor. “We have listened,” promises Oliver Gürtler, head of the Windows division at Microsoft Germany. For example, many of the users vehemently reclaimed Start button comeback – and threatening at the same time to provide for new trouble

On the following pages is ABC Online the features of Windows 8.1 before. with which Microsoft wants back on track again.

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