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When Apple the Trash in Mac OS animated

In nearly 30 years of development, much has happened at Apple’s Mac OS. Revolutionary was the graphical user interface, the operating system now, there are even free. A look back at the beginnings.

In nearly 30 years of development has done a lot with Apple’s Mac OS. Revolutionary was the graphical user interface, the operating system now, there are even free. A look back at the beginnings. From


addition to Windows and Linux, one of the major operating systems of our time: Apple’s “Mac OS X”. But how actually all started? What was the software in 1984, when Apple launched through just so right with the Macintosh? “Computer Bild” looks almost 30 years ago and shows that even an animated trash was once a specialty.

beginning was “Mac OS” mainly as a system for simple data processing. A colorless collection with programs such as a “note pad” should help people to organize files with a simple control to find the way in digitization.

Much later came more features and the ability to run multiple programs simultaneously added. Was revolutionary in times of “DOS” especially the graphical user interface that worked better than the Microsoft alternative and was controlled with a mouse.

shape and color

text color and optical finishing touches were a long time coming. The dock was now known, for example, introduced in 2001 with the first Mac OS X. Previously were even small improvements, such as a command line for the shutdown of the computer as an innovation.

Today’s versions are large cats, like DOS and Windows, difficult to compare with each other. Leads one bears in mind that even the support of printers at that time was something special and the first Apple laptop cost 6500 U.S. dollars, one can confidently speak of another world of IT.


Mac OS had not always pleasant-sounding name. Prior to version 7.6, each simple software called “System X” where “X” stood for each release. With Mac OS 7.6 Apple changed all that was now on, at least the “Mac” in the name.

When they then introduced in Cupertino code names to refer to each version more accurately, Apple quickly realized that users also prefer talking to simple labels on Mac OS X. After “Cheetah” and “Puma” still appeared as “10.0″ or “10.1″, began “10.2 Jaguar” with to use the code name used for advertising.

Now that Apple after “Mountain Lion” but the big cats are considered, one focusing on “10.9 Mavericks” on famous places in California, the home state of Apple.


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With the iOS 7, Apple has revised its operating system completely. This also applies to the design. It can be downloaded for free from September 18 to iPhones and iPads.


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