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Nokia Lumia shows first tablet and new phablets

Three and a half years after Apple switches to the Nokia Lumia 2520 into the tablet market. Are not much smaller the new mobile phones: Two six-inch phablets to convince with camera and display


Three and a half years after Apple switches to the Nokia Lumia 2520 into the tablet market. Are not much smaller the new mobile phones: Two six-inch phablets to convince with camera and display. From


Nokia rises shortly before the adoption of its mobile phone division by the U.S. giant Microsoft in the promising market for a tablet. The Finnish phone pioneer presented in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and a half years after the launch of the first iPad model his first flat computer and a number of new mobile phones and smartphones.

The Lumia Tablet 2520 runs with the refreshed operating system Windows RT 8.1 of the Microsoft partner Nokia. It leans to the design of the Lumia smartphones and has a large ten-inch screen and fast LTE data radio. The tablet will initially only in Finland, the UK and the U.S. market.

The Lumia smartphones in 1520 and 1320 have screens with a diagonal of 6 inches (15.2 cm). With such a large smartphone rivals such as Samsung recently scored points in the favor of customers. The new instruments The Group also focusing increasingly on camera technology and high-resolution screens.

also increases the app offer. How soon is one of the popular photo management and sharing application Instagram on devices with Microsoft Windows Mobile system. The app offer for the Windows Phone is far narrower than for competing Apple devices and Google’s Android platform.

for the great smartphones Nokia has its own photo app “Storyteller” was developed, which allows a change richer picture galleries. The more expensive smartphone model Lumia 1520 got a screen resolution like the Full HD TVs and a 20-megapixel camera.

100 percent more sales

With the recent Nokia Lumia models had proved quite a knack. The Windows smartphones are technically up to date and in contrast to the previous Nokia devices with their painfully awkward handling almost smooth in operation.

is paying off: According to information from the “Wall Street Journal”, the manufacturer was the fourth time in a row in sales down to the smartphones of this series. In the last quarter from June to September, there should have been more than eight million units.

In the previous quarter, there were still 7.4 million. And compared to the previous quarter, the Finns have so sales can even increase by a whopping 100 percent. The exact figures are Nokia next week with the quarterly report known.

With nearly 90 percent clearly dominates the market Nokia Windows smartphones. This sounds better than it is, finally play Windows models only a minor role. The users prefer iOS and especially Android smartphones.

According to Nokia’s also clear distance at the sales figures: In contrast to the 70 million devices that Samsung can sell each quarter, the eight million are rather poor. Apple comes in at least 30 million iPhones. Nokia also it is miles away.

Microsoft makes mobile phone division

The market opportunities of the new Nokia devices are, however, less interesting than Microsoft, including the company from Redmond is currently acquiring the mobile phone division of the Finnish company for nearly 5.5 billion Euro. Head of the hardware division is then yet-Nokia CEO Stephen Elop, who so far had little success in transforming his company.

but he should show at Microsoft soon. So far, the Redmond have in the hardware business can score barely. With the Nokia smartphones will change all that.

Nokia, however in future be focusing on three pillars. For one, the group sits on a very large portfolio of patents, the company wants to make cash with their licensing. Nokia also provides maps and navigation services for all mobile operating systems under the label “Here” on. The third section will be the network technology, the Nokia currently once sufficient profits. However, competition in this business is hard as nails.

Especially the Chinese supplier ZTE and Huawei are uncompromising reopen the market. According to rumors, Nokia is therefore considering a merger with another competitor Alcatel-Lucent France.

Nokia's new Tablet Lumia 2520: It runs on the Windows operating system RT 8.1

Photo: AP Nokia’s new Lumia Tablet 2520: It runs on the Windows operating system RT 8.1

Lumia 1320

Photo: AP 1320 The Lumia has a six-inch HD screen

Photo: AP They are larger than a normal phone, small as a tablet: phablets. The new Lumia 1520 comes with a 20 megapixel camera

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