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The iPad Mini, Apple must deliver today - THE WORLD


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Apple CEO Tim Cook will unveil the new iPad mini. Yet what does it really do?

When iPad Mini, Apple must deliver today

few hours before Apple’s presentation on Tuesday evening to beat about the speculation. But the main question is still unanswered: Will the iPad mini actually sharper


few hours before Apple’s presentation on Tuesday evening to beat about the speculation. But the main question is still unanswered: Will the iPad Mini really sharper? From


But one thing is probably certain: This Tuesday, the tablet world is extremely go-getting. Microsoft will start selling the new Surface 2 and Nokia puts in Abu Dhabi after years, finally a tablet before.


All this should occur in Apple’s shadow. Because when Tim Cook takes the stage on Tuesday night in the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco, falls at least for this one day no more light on the competitors. Thus, the timing of the competitors must be at least called unhappy.

The iPhone group on Tuesday evening German time (10 clock in the morning in San Francisco) are likely present a new generation of small and big iPads.

course, Apple has not revealed anything in advance. Even the invitation to present this time has hardly interpretations. “We have a lot to cover shut,” was written there. We still have a lot to report.

Two of three iPads Mini

There are analysts who are not expected due to limited production capacity so that Apple’s new iPad Mini gets a sharp Retina display. If this is really so, Apple would have a serious problem.

It is estimated that two thirds of all iPads sold on the mini version of the Apple tablet. Therefore, the Group can not afford weakness here. Almost all small tablets of competitors show a sharper image than the iPad Mini.

Not least because most observers expect that Apple also rearming at the screen resolution of the iPad Mini. The large iPad with a screen size of 9.7 inches is probably lighter and thinner.

Modified design for the iPad

long since photos are on the internet – possibly from suppliers – have emerged that also indicate an altered design of the large iPad. Accordingly, it would be thinner than the current 4 Generation.

And it would look more like the iPad mini, ie around the display have a thinner edge of the case. The iPad’s design has not changed since 2011.

At least the big iPad likely to get a new and faster processor. The new A7 is already part of the iPhone 5S. Whether the iPad Mini gets this processor is questionable. It is equally uncertain whether Apple installed the fingerprint touch sensor ID in its iPads.

New chips for MacBook Pro

For Apple, this presentation will be the last great opportunity to announce new products before Christmas. Therefore, observers expect new processors in the MacBook Pro, which – like the MacBook Air -. Probably be equipped with Intel’s Haswell chip, which means a significant increase in battery life

the Mac Pro, Apple announced in June and showed a little of his style. On Tuesday night, it should to give more details, maybe even the date for the launch.

In any case, Apple should also be known to the date on which the new operating system version Mavericks for Apple computers come on the market, the books iBooks Store Maps and the map program brings to the computer. Mavericks also makes it possible to provide files with keywords in order to find them more easily later.

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