Sunday, October 20, 2013

Autograph Hyundai i10: Because you are like large - Spiegel Online

The first impression: The car looks initially greater than he is. Only if the new Hyundai i10 stands next to a full-blown car, you realize that he is actually a midget.

The the manufacturer says: Hyundai is indeed an Asian company, but with the new i10 makes the company one step further to Europe. The small car was developed in the European Technology Center in Rüsselsheim and the Group designed and built the car is now in Turkey. “The i10 is a thoroughly European car,” says Alan Rushforth, the European head of the brand.

Adding to the volume from the Turkish factory and that from the Czech plant in Nosovice together, Hyundai is on a European production capacity of 500,000 cars per year. This represents about 90 percent of Hyundai sales in Europe.

The we noticed: Extremely quiet and surprisingly relaxed, you roll with the i10 by the car everyday. Despite the size, the car does not look like a small car, but it makes a all around adult impression. This applies to the successful noise reduction as well as for the suspension, which has absolutely nothing of some jittery Gehoppel city carts. This is due to the stretched wheelbase compared with the predecessor model and a relatively good-natured suspension. Thus decked out, is good for the short and for long distances. Although he of course as a city car makes the best figure: agile, agile, clear


still noticeable at the first encounter with the i10, they are the much better space. The car was about eight inches longer and six inches wider than its predecessor, and that can be clearly felt in the interior. Front you can sit without having to go right up close now, and it’s enough for emergency back occasionally for two adults. If you are usually climbed through the small door cut inside, one wonders about the acceptable legroom in the rear and also over the head space which allows upright sitting. And, although Hyundai has sacrificed four centimeters roof height for a more stylish silhouette. Oh yes: The trunk also puts to and now holds 252 liters

. The need to know: The new i10 comes in mid-November in the trade and will cost at least € 9950. Although the car was bigger and a little better equipped, including six airbags are standard on the new model on board, it will be cheaper than its predecessor to 440 euros.

The basic model moves forward with a new three-cylinder petrol engine, which brings up to 67 hp and 95 Nm of a liter. You must hurry with this unit but it does not have: From 0 to 100 takes the so-motorized i10 namely 14.9 seconds, a top speed are 155 kilometers / h. For this, the average consumption of 4.6 liters is acceptable per 100 kilometers.

Anyone who spends at least 12,120 euros, receives, besides the better trim level we tested the four-cylinder petrol engine with 1.2 liter displacement and 87 hp. The engine develops a maximum torque of 120 Nm, but unfortunately, the transmission lacks a sixth gear. Nevertheless, the i10 with this drive combination feels quite lively brave He pulls away from the lights, and with a little foresight you can overtake on the highway and hassle free. The top speed is the way to 175 km / h Consumption is hardly worse than the three-cylinder: 4.9 liter Hyundai are averaged to

. We will not forget: Red plastics in the cockpit and on the doors, matching color of fabric in the seat covers and subtle Chromrähmchen the fan grill on the radio buttons or on the consoles, and to some luxury extras like the heated leather steering wheel or the keyless start system – the Hyundai i10 is a smart way that a small car does not have to be petty



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