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Rumors about the new Google phone Nexus 5 is still not on the shelves - ABC Online

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class=”source”> Screenshot These pictures supposedly show the back of the Nexus 5 – left the front of the display, in which di camera of the photographer reflected, right back.

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October 5 should Google’s new Nexus smartphone will be presented – at a much lower price than the competition. Despite the many technical details which are already known, the shelves remain empty. All rumors at a glance.

16 October: This was probably yesterday unfortunately not with the expected Google event. Neither the Nexus 5 is still an official version of Android 4.4 KitKat were published. Yet it seems certain that it will definitely give this year some new items from Google. On the website AndroidCentral a picture of an empty shelf Google is already visible. With which this content is however equipped, it can still only speculate. The Nexus 5 is further forward there, but also a Nexus-4-refresh or update the Nexus 10 are expected. Google fans will remain until then only the anticipation. 15 October: Google has revealed another detail its next Android version 4.4: user can carry any SMS App for the default SMS application, report two Google developers. This should be able to receive SMS from the supplied problem with other apps.

14 October: The rumors mounting that Google will unveil its new smartphone Nexus 5 tomorrow – but only once by the small circles. A French website, meanwhile, has further fueled the anticipation and a seven-minute video posted on a prototype of the upcoming smartphones including the Android operating system are seen 4.4. The first video provides a detailed look at the prototypes and then shows some features of the upcoming Nexus 5

8 October: Even in just three weeks, there could be the successor of Google Nexus smartphone fourth From the end of October, the Nexus 5 will be available, the website TechRadar claims to have learned. The mobile phone will cost for this information between 300 and 350 euros. That would be a bargain price compared to Apple iPhone 5S, which is to have from 699 euros.

Ahead are already a lot of alleged technical details leaked. An internal error in the network report has surfaced that reveals lots of data. Therefore gets the Nexus 5 is a 4.95-inch IPS display with a 1080p resolution and with LTE radios. Also on board: a 2.3 GHz Snapdragon-800 processor, two gigabytes of RAM, 8-megapixel camera. Supposedly, the Nexus 5 is very similar to LG’s G2.

16 September: When a manufacturer reduces the price for a smartphone drastically, which is usually an indication that a sequel is coming soon. Google was late August, the phone Nexus 4 for significantly lower price offered: Only 199 and 249 euros cost the 8 – or 16-gigabyte version of the device. For the launch, there had been 100 euros more each. Meanwhile, both devices are sold.

Build LG, Nexus 5? But the rumor mill is cooking the successor. Briefly, the cell phone was turned up in a Google video – it had a staff in his hand. Whether this was an oversight or clever marketing, is not known. First rumored as the Nexus, Nexus 5 4 LG will be built.

Now are the first photos of buildings emerged. They should come from the U.S. regulatory authority for communications equipment FCC. Sidn to see both front and back of the phone. Nowhere, however, is to see the Nexus logo. But there are also some technical specifications: The Nexus 5 is to put a 5-inch screen, besides a stronger battery and a larger camera. Supposedly the phone measure 131.9 x 69.2 millimeters.

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