Friday, October 25, 2013

YouTube plans to pay music service - Spiegel Online

Google apparently planning another attack on music sites like Spotify and Simfy. Branded YouTube, the Group is reportedly publish a new streaming service for music. The reports the industry magazine “Billboard”. Google could therefore start later this year, the online streaming offer. The magazine refers to informants who are initiated into the streaming plans.


will offer two models streaming Google: On the one hand a free membership and a subscription that costs ten dollars a month. Even with the free version, users have full access to songs and videos. However, users must be aware that frequent commercials between the songs are displayed.

Unlike many other music streaming services like Spotify users can listen to their songs on smartphones, if they have subscribed to the free offer. Most providers charge for it. In about a Spotify Premium subscription for the mobile experience is necessary, which costs ten euros a month. Google sees this as a good opportunity to work with advertising to reach more users on the mobile market.

addition to the free model will offer, according to “Billboard”, a Premium Membership Google. Those who work for ten dollars a month, which may then store songs offline on your smartphone and is spared from advertising.

With YouTube, Google would offer but make yourself competition: Already, users can, in some countries a music flatrate Subscribe with Google Play Music. For nearly ten euros a month users can access all the music of the offering in the United States and some EU countries such as France, Italy and Ireland. In Germany, Google Music Flatrate is however not available.

remains unclear whether users of smartphones can take advantage of the planned YouTube offer with the Windows operating system. Because in the ongoing dispute between Google and Microsoft, the search engine giant blocks the Windows device again. The official YouTube app is, therefore, a few weeks ago once again disappeared from the Windows Phone store.

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