Sunday, October 20, 2013

Microsoft: Windows 8.1 update from RT Store away - Chip Online

Almost a year after the introduction of Windows 8, Microsoft brings the version 8.1 to the market -., and the update to Windows 8.1 RT must withdraw from the store again after a few hours

What causes this massive have triggered action, the Redmond company has not been fanclub. In the Microsoft forum but appear some user entries that speak of an error code called “0×80240031″. This error seems to ensure that Windows does not boot on the RT version 8.1 after the upgrade.

The Problem t occurs according to a Microsoft employee on only a small number of Windows RT users. Nevertheless, Microsoft pulled the update to Windows 8.1 RT unceremoniously from the store. It is further stated in the blog post, Microsoft is currently investigating the causes of the upgrade problem.

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