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Facebook news

Facebook allows teens to make their records public

18.10.2013, 08:31 clock |, dpa

Facebook: News and backgrounds at a glance. (Source: perspective / imago)

Facebook is the most important social network on the Internet with more than one billion members. The company is now one of the most important players in the digital sector. The company, based in Menlo Park, California, is regularly due to insufficient data protection regulations and opaque use of customer data in the criticism. Here we collect the latest news and background information about Facebook.

+ + + Facebook gives warnings for youth + + +

Facebook changes privacy settings again – this time for young people. For new users 13-17 years of age will continue as the default recipients for their entries “just friends” preset. So far, the information has been released automatically in the online network for friends of friends. A second important change to Facebook is that the teenagers get the opportunity to make records public – that is visible to all. Here you will but a warning is displayed the first time.

+ + + Facebook makes all public user profiles + + +

Previously users could prevent the privacy settings that their profile is found using the search function. Facebook will however prevent this setting soon. Thus can be found through searches on Facebook all future users. Hiding is no more. The function was installed last year have been removed for the users who had the setting is not enabled. Now only use a “small percentage” of more than a billion Facebook members the option of Facebook said manager Michael Richter. They should be informed by a notice on the Facebook home page of the changes. Who wants to restrict what information can see others on Facebook, which should make for each entry individually, advises judges. This is “the best way to control what people can see about you on Facebook.” Members can set for status messages and photos, whether alone their own Facebook friends, their friends or the general public to get an entry to face.

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  • + + + Facebook fan pages of businesses are legal + + +

    The Administrative Court of Schleswig in the lead of Facebook fan pages of businesses has been classified as legitimate. Thilo Weichert, data protection had three companies prohibited the operation of the fan sites because of all Facebook users and data processed unlawfully lift. The judges ruled, however, that such a responsibility lies solely on Facebook, and not with the operator.


    + + + + + + improved graph search

    Facebook’s internal search engine optimized “Graph-Search”: As announced by the company to be targeted all public posts, comments or status updates can be searched for keywords. With your comments can be filtered by location and time again found. Until the search function in Germany enabled, it still takes: Facebook is the update only once a smaller group of users willing to test


    + + + China allows Facebook in Shanghai + + +

    In China, the access to several websites on the internet has been locked. Now the government wants to meet the people at least in the Free Trade Zone of Pudong, Shanghai. So reports the “South China Morning Post,” that the government plans to unlock certain websites. Facebook, Twitter, or even the New York Times could therefore be available in Shanghai in the future. The Chinese government wants to make the free trade zone for foreign companies more attractive. Free access to public media should be a measure in this context.

    + + + Facebook Like falls under freedom of speech + + +

    A click on the “Like” button on Facebook, according to a U.S. court falls under the freedom of expression and is therefore protected by the U.S. Constitution. Six former employees of the Sheriff of Hampton, Virginia had appealed against their dismissal – they had the Facebook page of her superior opponent in the election for Sheriff “liked”. A federal district judge dismissed the lawsuit. However, the Court of Appeal decided otherwise. Facebook itself and U.S. civil rights welcomed the decision.

    + + + Facebook users published figures from Germany + + +

    Facebook has for the first time published daily user figures for Germany. Thus, grab around 19 million daily users in Germany on the social network. This use has 13 million users mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets.

    + + + Facebook shifts the start of the new terms and conditions + + +

    After numerous criticisms of the announced changes to the Terms, the social network has responded: According to Facebook, the entry into force of the regulation has been postponed. “We take the time to ensure that users are viewing and comments incorporated with in the decision on whether further changes are needed,” the company said loudly, “LA Times” in an email to. Privacy six large organizations had filed a complaint with the U.S. Federal Trade Commission FTC. Facebook announced that in future the right to take to be able to advertise with user profiles and interests of users.

    + + + Facebook dominates in information search + + +

    According to a recent study by TNS use about two-thirds of 14 – to 29-year-old Facebook to search for information. The Internet is increasingly becoming the most important source of information for government, business and culture. The study by Facebook within the network well ahead of other research sources.

    + + + Facebook NSA and GCHQ spy + + +

    billion-dollar NSA program codenamed “Bullrun” one of the greatest mysteries of authority. Very few people had access to top secret information. Experts of British intelligence agency GCHQ would last for code breaking it apart especially to destinations such as Google, Yahoo, Facebook and Microsoft, it said in an article in the “New York Times”.

    + + + U.S. privacy advocates criticize Facebook + + +

    Several U.S. privacy groups have criticized the proposed rule change from Facebook. They wrote a letter to the U.S. regulatory FTC, the financial news agency Bloomberg reported on Thursday. They criticized the fact that Facebook will continue to assure the automatic permission to use profile pictures of users in promotional items. Facebook points out, however, that the change is to just make the existing advertising practice for users to understand. However, there are Facebook members in Germany a special: In the German rules explicitly states that members can turn off this feature. Walking in the privacy settings under the “advertising”.

    + + + Facebook changes privacy rules + + +

    The social network Facebook will update its use and privacy regulations. The company admits himself very extensive rights to the user data – in this update, it is among other things to provide personalized advertising and face recognition. Despite the clarifications announced by Facebook is not always clear what would make the company more closely with the data.

    What rules changes to Facebook and how it informs about it?
    Facebook updated its “Declaration of the Rights and Duties” and its “data-use policies.” The former explain the basics of the relationship between companies and Facebook users, substantiate the latter, what Facebook can do anything with the data users. The company informs the user via e-mail about the changes. In addition, more detailed information can be found on the Facebook pages for privacy ( and to the Site Governance ( Who of these two pages “Like” clicks, receives information about future changes.

    What is the change?
    Facebook adapts the rules to reflect the new features and capabilities of the social network. In addition, the company wants to “be more specific” some regulations. The reason for this include legal dispute with Facebook users. This again emphasizes the social network “that you use our services with the erteilst permission to use your information on Facebook.”

    What do the new rules on advertising?
    Facebook fetches the general permission to make use of all the information about its users for personalized advertising or other paid content. The company stressed, however, to only pass such data to advertisers, from which can no longer draw conclusions on the person. Facebook gives explicitly the right to use the profile photos and names of its users and its contents for advertising. Who can then see these ads, depends for whom a Facebook user has released the information used. He will not be paid for the use of its name and its contents. Also, Facebook reserves the right to not always be identified as such advertising.

    Now comes the facial recognition in Facebook again?
    Facebook builds a database, in which profile pictures and other photos will be incorporated to allow for face recognition. “We can suggest that your friend you tagged in a photo by scanning the pictures of your friend and compare it with the information we have gathered from your profile pictures and other photos that you marked wast,” it says so. Last year, Facebook had the face recognition after criticism from privacy advocates in Europe, first off. When and if it comes back in this country, is unclear.

    What can I do as member?
    Not much. Facebook users have until Thursday to comment on the changes, the company will then consider the comments. Unlike before, but the users have no option to decline the changes in a vote. Michaela believes prong from the Consumer Federation (vzbv): “It will do nothing, leave a comment.” The new regulations will take effect automatically for German users after 30 days in power. Who still uses the network, so that agrees with the new rules. Tine recommends at least check the settings for advertising. Who find themselves at the point “advertisements”. There, “my social actions with ads for Combine” should select the entry “nobody” at the point.

    + + + German spy partners with Facebook + + +

    Google, Facebook or Xing: 62 percent of men and women searching the net for information about her crush. Almost as many (61 percent) even spy on their own partners. The result of a representative survey of Innofact. One in four would like to find out with the online search as honest partner or swarm really is. More than half of respondents (57 percent) informed about the explosion in the network.

    + + + finally rises on Facebook from + + +

    The Russian Internet company has separated from the last remaining Facebook shares. In July and August, 14.2 million Facebook shares for 525 million dollars (about 399 million euros) had been placed on the market, announced in Moscow on Thursday. For the kingdom of billionaire Alisher Usmanov owned company made that final checkout. The Russian company, was involved before the Facebook IPO, which was heavily criticized mainly because of the high valuation of the American Internet company.

    + + + Günter Grass calls Facebook “shit” + + +

    Günter Grass has a definite opinion about the Internet and social networks like Facebook. In an interview with “Online Cicero” the Nobel laureate said he was surprised about the fact that according to the findings of the NSA scandal is not millions of people of “Facebook and all that shit” distanced. “The idea to be constantly accessible, and I know now to be constantly monitored, a horrible idea,” said Grass. By his own account of the 85-year-old has no cell phone and no computer in his writing workshop.

    18.10.2013, 08:31 clock |, dpa

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