Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Half a billion less revenue: Ubisoft moves launch of PS4 ... - ABC Online

Ubisoft has postponed the launch of its new video game title “watchdogs” in the next year.

div Even “The Crew” will appear only next year, said the French game publisher. Ubisoft originally wanted to join the game in time for the release of the new game console One Xbox and Playstation 4 on the market. As a result of the delay, the company already lowered its forecast for the current fiscal year. The sales will vorauslichtlich only between 995 million and 1.04 billion euros are held as previously planned 1.42 to 1.45 billion euros.

“Watchdogs” will now appear in the spring of 2014. You have not willing to compromise from the beginning in terms of quality, the development team writes in a blog post on the reasons. Shortly before the release date of the game in which the player takes on the role of a skilled hacker and programmer, but it became clear that there is still a lot to BOTH COMMUNITY “polish and fine tuning”, it says. Sony and Microsoft get their new consoles next month at the start.

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