Friday, October 18, 2013

FOCUS Online User to Windows 8.1: "As if the steering wheel in the boot ... - ABC Online

The new operating system from Microsoft is here. With Windows 8.1 Problems of the predecessor to be resolved. Many FOCUS online readers are skeptical. Especially the new arrangements provide for head shaking. But there are already numerous fans.

Today’s Friday is a step back for Microsoft in the future. With its newly entered the market Windows 8.1 helps the software maker criticism of the direct predecessor Windows 8 account and leads the familiar – but last missing – start button again. In addition, the U.S. company relies on more clarity, greater choice in the background screen and the so-called tiles.

Many FOCUS online readers have already made a first impression of Microsoft’s new hope. How do you like the format? What suggestions you have

Joe Black asks:? Microsoft Keeps its customers for stupid

Joe Black feels ridiculed and feared even additional costs: “The ‘Rückkehr’des Start button, as it was made with 8.1, shows clearly what Microsoft thinks of its customers, namely that they are stupid. Otherwise, no company would probably just pretending something that customers want to make. Who is the great tile crap, probably only one or two programs on his computer and looks determined to going soon to pay individually for each Office use. “

It looks similar Michael Penvors which is particularly upset about the radical changes to its predecessors. He selects an interesting comparison: “If to compare with about a car manufacturer to offer its successful approach suddenly the steering wheel in the trunk and the transmission is in the glove compartment. Why change basic elements of the operation of “Operating System” radically if these have proved workable? Microsoft’s megalomania is to think, to patronize the customer, what is best for her / him be. “

” Every second version is only beta test for Windows “

No big expectations Christian Torrmann on the update from Windows 8 flopped: “It should be common knowledge but now that every other version of Windows is crap to say the least. For me. These versions were always the beta testing of the next Windows “ Michael Meyer is called the problems with Microsoft operating systems by name:” to install virus scanners Long startup times, virus-prone, dubious basic concept and the compulsion . the OS to make the worm “

a radical step back would have Ute Lehmann desired:” How about using Windows 7 with the additional function of the best of Windows 8? And please, without the flair with the nerdish bathroom tiles! “For Ira Lester the best solution would be less innovation. She asks, “If I only have to make various updates and configurations in order to work like Windows 7 – what should I 8.x with Windows?”

“updates are intended to prevent layoffs”

Tom Scotty thinks probably similar, but also refers to the problems of software industry: “Microsoft is doomed to success, they represent not manufacture rolls, where you can always produce supplies. Thousands of people work at Microsoft. They are all dependent on the consumer always something new to sell. Other way around but you could also stand up and say no more new Windows comes and Windows 7 only being maintained. But then you have to lay off half of the Microsoft employees. Microsoft has failed to consolidate since the release of Windows 7. “

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