Friday, October 18, 2013

Microsoft provides support for Windows 8 in October 2015 -

Shortly before release of Windows 8 .1 has Microsoft The support lifecycle of the operating system updates published. This shows that the support for Windows 8 is already in October 2015. Then users will receive no more updates for the then three year old OS.


only solution is to upgrade to Windows 8.1. Concretely, it is stated by Microsoft: “Windows 8 customer must, within two years after the Windows 8.1 update has become available, switch to Windows 8.1, to continue to receive support under the Windows 8 life cycle.”

free mainstream support for Windows 8.1 runs to 9 Januar 2018. Until then, users will receive regular security updates and to request non-security hotfixes. Extended Support provides Microsoft to 10 Januar 2023. Under which there is indeed still free security updates, but technical queries and non-security hotfixes are applicable.

the end of support for Windows 8 October 2015 Microsoft follows a rule that it has already applied to Windows 7: The support for the earlier version ends 24 months after the introduction of a service pack. Thus, Microsoft introduced support for the original version of Windows 7 on 9 April and forced users as to install the Service Pack 1

Similarly, it seems the company now has to handle with Windows 8, although it is not a 8.1 service pack for Windows. The new operating system version, from 18 October will be available worldwide, including bringing back the start button and a way for direct booting to the classic desktop. In addition, Microsoft has revised the Home screen to provide users with a better overview about installed applications. Added personalization options for the start and lock screen, improved search, advanced app support, a new snap feature and a deeper integration of SkyDrive cloud storage.

users of Windows 8 will receive the upgrade to Windows 8.1 free of charge. Today from 13 clock, it should be ready for download in the Windows Store. Who wants to transfer directly from Windows XP or Windows 7 to the latest version, pays from 85 euros for standard output respectively 125 Euro for the Pro version.

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