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Fight against alleged manipulations: Wikipedia mistet Author Profiles - n-tv.de NEWS

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 Wikipedia reference for millions of Internet users. Wikipedia reference for millions of Internet users (photo: picture alliance / dpa).

Tuesday 22 October 2013

Among the many voluntary fellow collectors from Wikipedia are probably some black sheep. This popular reference book is now trying to defend themselves against authors, which can be paid for apparently friendly entries.

The online encyclopedia Wikipedia is fighting against paid manipulations of articles. More than 250 user profiles have been suspended or banned from the site, it said in Wikipedia blog. Supporters of the English version of Wikipedia investigated allegations that authors were traveling under false colors.

“Currently, it looks as if some authors – possibly up to several hundred – were paid for the Wikipedia article, promote organizations or products,” wrote Sue Gardner, director of the Wikimedia Foundation, which is behind the online reference work is.

Wikipedia can write there basically every internet user. However, there are rules: individuals or groups must be important enough for an entry, claims must be substantiated with references to independent sources. The co-authors discuss often about changes to articles. Again and again there are reports that individuals or companies have tried to manipulate entries.

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    Wikimedia Head Gardner referred to an article in the website “Daily Dot,” which told of a huge network of fake profiles. You should – have embellished article about parties – partly for a fee. “In contrast to a university professor who edited a Wikipedia article about their area of ??expertise, paid writing for promotional purposes is extremely problematic,” Gardner wrote. It contradicts the fundamental values ??of Wikipedia as a neutral source.

    German-language version of Wikipedia was not affected by the profile locks, a spokeswoman for the German Wikimedia Foundation. But even there there were discussions about how to deal with paid entries or authors. A logger working together with other authors of rules for employees of companies. It is also important to identify interest-based messages as clear as possible. There is already a list of profiles that companies, advertising agencies or associations belong. “Of course, anyone can join,” said the spokeswoman, “but according to the rules of Wikipedia.”

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