Monday, October 21, 2013

Tank is empty: GOCE satellite crashes - NEWS

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 That was four years ago when GOCE learned to fly. That was four years ago when GOCE learned to fly (Photo: picture-alliance / dpa).

Monday 21 October 2013

more than four years on GOCE gravity field measurements with an ultra-precise elevation profile of the Earth. Many mountain grew or shrank under his precise instruments. GOCE has now been served and expected by fire.

The GOCE satellite has no more fuel. The stock was exhausted, so that the mission finally over, said the European Space Agency ESA with. In about two weeks, GOCE will likely occur in the Earth’s atmosphere. The five-meter-long and 1.2-ton satellite will break when crashing into several parts, the bulk will burn up. But probably smite several heavy pieces a kilo on earth, especially in areas of water. An accident is extremely unlikely.

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  •  GOCE had a lifespan of about four years -. much longer than expected 14:10:13 farewell to the “Ferrari of the Universe” research satellite crashes to Earth
  • The illustration shows the earth with the exaggerated gravity field data. 31/03/11 Compensates rather a potato The earth is not a sphere
  • Braunschweig Researchers have developed a simulation model in which the distribution and movement are captured by some 150 million garbage objects in space. 28/02/11 risk of collision grows More and more garbage in space
  • GOCE had with measurements of the gravity field for the first time a worldwide ultra-precise height profile of the ground supplied. Thus, as different heights of mountains unified and problems in construction projects can be better resolved. The data also document the rise of the sea level and flow variations, which are relevant for climate models.

    The mission lasted just over four years. GOCE, called by some because of its red paint, its built-in formula 1 car carbon parts and its arrow-like shape “Ferrari of the universe”, was originally supposed to revolve only one and a half years in orbit. However, due to low solar activity reached the fuel more than twice as long.


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