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26 October 2013 21:31

As big as North America: The image shows the ozone hole 16 September 2013. With 24 million square kilometers, it was in this year that the greatest.

(photo: dpa )

still 21 million square kilometers in size, or at least shrunk slightly: The ozone hole over the Antarctic is slightly less than the average for the past two decades this year. However, for a sigh of relief, it is too early.

The ozone hole over the Antarctic is slightly less than the average for the past two decades this year. In September and October, there was an average of 21 million square kilometers, said the U.S. space agency Nasa with in Washington. Since the mid-90s, based on measured data from NASA satellite the size of the ozone hole in the average of the two months lie at 22.5 million square kilometers.

data from one year, however, were not sufficient to be able to say whether there would less in the long run, shared with NASA. The largest was the ozone hole, which changes daily in its dimensions, this year on 16 September, 24 million square kilometers, about the size of North America. The largest ozone hole ever recorded on 9 September 2000 but was still nearly six million square kilometers greater.

The ozone layer surrounds the earth as a shield. Scientists since the early 80s observed a decrease of ozone in the stratosphere. The experts reported the first time 1985 on an Antarctic ozone hole after that forms the south polar winter. Due to the thinner ozone layer penetrates more unfiltered UV light on the earth, which can cause skin damage including skin cancer and eye. Many countries have committed themselves to the Montreal Protocol of 1987 to protect the ozone layer and the production of ozone-depleting chemicals, mainly from CFCs stopped.

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