Monday, October 21, 2013

Cell transplantation makes it possible: Bald heads on hair growth as ... - ABC Online

American scientists have transplanted cells that give rise to new hair follicles. The unconventional method lets hope that does not have enough of my own hair for a transplant, especially people.

div on bare human skin, researchers in the laboratory can sprout hair. They had transplanted cells that give rise to new hair follicles – a process that normally takes place in the body just before birth or after injury. The method could one day come into question especially for patients who did not have enough hair for a conventional hair transplant, the researchers at the Columbia University Medical Center shared (CUMC) with.In rodents, it was already longer possible to reproduce hair-forming cells and transplant them so that later sprout new hairs, the team reports in the “Proceedings” of the U.S. National Academy of Sciences (PNAS). The cells from the part of the hair follicle, the hair formation and growth controls are removed. In humans, this suggested so far failed: the hair-forming cells had turned always return to normal skin cells in the multiplication on the flat cultures in the laboratory, said study author Colin Jahoda of the British Durham University

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