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Apparently low demand for colored device Apple reportedly reduced ... - RP ONLINE

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Taipei (RPO) The demand for the new 5C colorful iPhone from Apple is perhaps lower than expected: the U.S. electronics company Foxconn and Pegatron have its suppliers in Taiwan announced this month that orders be smaller for the 5C in the fourth quarter were as planned, reported Wednesday the Dow Jones news agency, citing informed sources.

Pegatron is building Analysts details combined two-thirds colorful iPhone and Apple should have reduced the award by 20 percent. Foxconn, the U.S. group announced a reduction by one-third. A supplier was even told that the order would be reduced by half. Foxconn and Pegatron did not comment on the report.

Apple sells two new iPhone models in September: the iPhone 5C in bright colors and a lot of plastic and the nobler and more expensive iPhone 5S with metal casing in gold, silver or gray. In the first three days Apple sold the units nine million times, according to the company, a new record. Differences between 5C and 5S but was not.

The new smartphones will help offset the loss of market share Apple. The competition – devices using the Google Android operating system – is here now account for about three-quarters


new headquarters

Meanwhile, Apple., the plans for a huge new headquarters in California almost there The Cupertino City Council late Tuesday unanimously approved the project as the “San Jose Mercury News” reported. After a final appeal deadline of 15 November, the city can then give the final green light.

Apple plans to the circular building with almost continuous glass facade for years. The already ailing founder Steve Jobs resigned in 2011 a few months before his death in person before the city councils to promote the project. The four-story headquarters – bigger than the Pentagon – to accommodate more than 14 000 employees


In the discussion, some residents have expressed concern about a greater traffic load in the environment, wrote the “Mercury News”. Apple has promised that more people would use public transport.

Apple bought for the new headquarters of the former premises of the PC manufacturer Hewlett-Packard directly to a highway. For the design of the futuristic complex the company the British star architect Norman Foster was committed. If all approvals are granted, to begin at the end of the demolition of the old building. Apple wants the new headquarters expected to open in 2016, a few kilometers away, the former building complex had become too small.

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