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launch event for Microsoft Windows 8.1 in Tokyo

second infusion of Windows 8 is confusing

Microsoft has a new version of its operating system is released to the user. Despite some improvements in detail the design flaws and annoyances of its predecessor remain.

Microsoft has released a new version of its operating system to the user. Despite some improvements in detail the design flaws and annoyances of its predecessor remain. From


Windows 8.1 is still the mistaken attempt to squeeze two operating systems on a much too narrow roof. Even the update begins with problems. The new operating system destroys the hope of the user that it gets better.

Hope that makes it easier – and clearer to use. In addition, it should again have a start button. Prima! Because of its predecessor, Windows 8 has really been missing. Microsoft did not want him, so the button of millions of users was subsequently installed by means of small utility programs.

Thursday from 13 clock should be available to the free update in the Windows Store. However, up to 15 clock there was nothing to see. Only after a restart it said suddenly: “There is an update for you”


The installation takes at least an hour and it is not comfortable. Because between the user must agree to the Terms and wait endlessly. A progress bar – None


Instead, written in large letters on a bright background in a rainbow of colors: “It has to be done something else – Please do not turn off”. Several reboots later, the new system is finally here.

Two systems that do not match

And just a big disappointment: Windows 8.1 that are still two operating systems, two views, two layouts, two control schemes. Firstly, there is the modern colorful tile world – Microsoft calls the Modern UI – Optimized for touch tablet computers such as PCs or smartphones. And on the other the classic desktop, Windows users have known for generations. Neither is harmoniously combined, but wild interlinked;. Reminiscent of a split personality

When you first start to fall: The previously by a third party installed in Windows 8 start button produces the error message, there are compatibility issues with the application. But the system provides no solution? Delete? Reinstalling? Upgrade? At each start the error message again. Okay, so then delete it – because there is now a new start button of Windows


But the so-called start button is not a start button, but guides the user in Microsoft’s colorful tile world – away from the desktop to the new start screen. This is completely unusual and breaks the user experience diehard Windows users. The new Start screen is a disciplinary measure towards the new paradigm and the tile is even more annoying, you’re not working on a tablet PC, but a traditional mouse-driven laptop.

reorganization of tile splash screen

The new home screen looks thanks to groups and tiles in several sizes tidy – there are now four instead of two previously. But here come again to trouble the user. The installation of a new application for hurdling.

Because after installing the app from the Windows Store will not appear on the home screen tile. You will no longer automatically get linked – as with Windows 8, instead it lands in one app, and then index must be attached with a mouse click or wiping gesture on the home screen. This opens up not by itself

obvious criticisms of Windows 8, Microsoft has improved. The system can now boot directly into the desktop mode – and the PC settings in the Modern UI was pimped strong. Thus, users of Windows 8 could therefore already on the desktop not do without, because most system settings could only be made there – in the classic Control Panel. Now user can also do this in large part to the PC settings of the colorful tiled look.

trouble with the Skype update

Microsoft’s cloud storage service was clearly deeply integrated with the Windows 8.1 operating system than before: So you have in the use of SkyDrive no longer install an additional application, the service is now a fixed part of the Explorer. Internet Explorer as the browser is available in two versions, one in tiled look, even on the desktop. The different operation confused.

One thing has not worked. The update of Skype. After the operating system update, Skype hangs without any error message. The video chat is no longer operable. A reinstallation does not help. This is even more annoying than that Skype is also a Microsoft product. Hope it stays that a single case, which is achieved by a timely update.

Conclusion: Windows is a split personality

The fundamental annoyance of Windows 8 is retained in the new version of Windows 8.1. There are two graphical user interfaces that do not fit together – the user is constantly and unexpectedly changes back and forth between two worlds


Operation in both worlds is completely different. For example, a program is terminated in the desktop world with the close button. In the tile-world you close an app by it from the home screen pulls down the mouse button and three seconds stops there -. Then begin to rotate around its own axis and can be released

By not matching colors and layouts between the two worlds to say nothing. All in all, remains the second infusion of Windows 8 confusing – at least for PC users. On a tablet that may be different – maybe


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