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13 October 2013 16:45

Ellen Page plays the main role, and thus the figure that control the player.

(Photo: Sony )

With Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe have their first two actors of Hollywood’s A-list in a video game on. In “Beyond: Two Souls” is not about “high scores”, but the players get into a complex narrative space in which the course of action remains completely open at first. The concept even goes on – despite the narrative weaknesses


The French video game developer David Cage is a director and writer in personal union and says he feels connected Orson Welles. But his idol is Stanley Kubrick.

Cage calls his games like “interactive drama”, the competitors were often “so one-dimensional as pornography”. The media should finally grow up and reach that people think about when they switch off the console. Yes, David Cage sees itself as an innovator of his medium.

But he is also a man who is not too good for public relations gimmicks. In early scenes of his latest work “Beyond: Two Souls” were shown at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York. Last week, it was the premiere place against the backdrop of Art Deco Parisian cinema “Le Grand Rex” including stargespicktem gauntlet on the red carpet. Because in “Beyond” take with Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe first two actors from Hollywood’s A-list star in a video game.

The plot of “Beyond” moves between a coming-of-age film and the more subtle horrors of contemporary horror films such as “Paranormal Activity”.

The player takes on the role of Jodie Holmes, played by Ellen Page. The young woman has, without too much to anticipate a connection to a supernatural entity called Aiden, the second soul mentioned in the title. can take an invisible poltergeist who float through walls, smash mirrors or moving furniture, but also of human possession.

different ends 23

Dafoe plays the scientist and Jodie’s father substitute Nathan Dawkins. In more than a dozen non-chronological scenes and over the course of 15 years, the player accompanies the life of Jodie, sees them grow up, they controlled as a child, teenager and adults on the run from the CIA, which take hold at all costs Jodie’s forces wants.

One of the means used by Cage to finally help the forever-adolescent medium to long term formative experiences, is to leave the players to choose how they want to shape the life of Jodie’s.

“Beyond” is not a competition for high scores, as we know from video games and the decision is made by hand-eye coordination, but a narrative space that is so complex that a causal relationship between action and consequence after hours or probably can not be traced. And after about ten hours of gameplay depending on how you behaving – empathy or violent, or careful research – opens in a total of 23 different ends


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