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NSA Chief: "We hunt terrorists and protect civil rights" - Heise Newsticker

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Image: Kayla Jo Finley The NSA chief Keith Alexander has accused journalists, the documents of NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden to sell. That does not make sense, and “we must find a way to stop that,” he told the blog, “Armed with science” U.S. Department of Defense. What ways has to Alexander thought it, he did not elaborate. That is for the courts and politicians, but it is “wrong to let it [the publications of the documents Snowden] go”. The stated aim of the blog article is that “to straighten history” and so the interview also resembles more a long statement by Keith Alexander.

At the beginning of the soliloquy, which is the underlying message, Alexander defended the work of the NSA with the long history of the secret service, which began with the deciphering German communications in World War II. The 11 September 2001 had revealed the weakness of the intelligence agencies to “connect points”. They swore that it never happens again and that is why you should stay the course now. The programs you have now, would help to connect the dots. “People say we spy on America. This is absolutely wrong,” says Alexander. “We hunt with these programs terrorists, protect civil liberties and privacy.”

The full interview

Alexander explains, among other things, monitoring programs would not only help in securing the United States, but also protect other states. Thus it may be more “events” have been uncovered abroad, as threats to the country. In addition, we have significantly helped in the protection of U.S. soldiers in Iraq. In addition, it is the task of the intelligence, to ensure the cyber security of the U.S. and to protect intellectual property.

When Alexander the specific revelation of the French newspaper Le Monde is received, the NSA had recorded data from over 70 million calls within one month, it changes the charge to return it. It is simply not possible to listen to so many phone calls in a foreign language and evaluated. But that it should be a collection of connection data, which reveal themselves very much about the target person, the fact it does not shrink. Instead, he called the allegation absurd and expressed the fear that journalists would conjure up with such reports hazards.

At the end of the statement

Alexander still declared that Edward Snowden, in his opinion, not a hero and have people on his conscience. He has damaged the country and could no longer be undone. The true heroes would instead sit at NSA. There, the “best and most honorable citizens” of the United States, who earned the gratitude of the American civil worked.

Alexander had repeatedly defended the surveillance by the NSA before the dangers of terrorism. Yet he does not address the allegations, U.S. intelligence would foreign leaders – such as German Chancellor Angela Merkel – monitor and how that serves the fight against terrorism. Even the alleged spying for large companies such as Petrobras and Belgacom would be difficult to defend with the stated goal of NSA’s work. (mho)

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