Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Air and iPad iPad Mini retina: The first encounter: Apples are so good new ... - ABC Online

Not everyone will notice. But soon it is: The world is again faster, leaner and more stringent. The new iPad from Apple devices left at the first meeting a good impression.

presentations from Apple have always something of well-staged Christmas. Especially because the makers of California have always inform lots of surprises. That was on Thursday night no different than the creative minds of Apple in San Francisco presented the new generation of technical gadgets around iPads, Macbooks and Co..

Probably the greatest tension was executed feverishly on the new iPad generation . Ahead, there had been various rumors about delivery problems of suppliers, so that many feared a delayed launch. But the good news: As of 1 November is the new fifth-generation iPad available in Germany, its little brother, the iPad Mini is acquiring only “later in November,”

yet grippy -., And lots of space

The new iPad with the iPad Air is sounding name again become much lighter, thinner and more efficient compared to its predecessor. It weighs 454 grams and has slimmed down so that by about 180 grams. This becomes immediately apparent when handled. While it still has enough weight so as not to fall out of his hand, but it is in use and during transport just easier. With pride, Apple announced that it is the lightest tablet that is going to have on the market.

And although the size of the display was maintained, it has reduced the frame by 43 percent. The effect when using them: It looks even more grip, and there is enough space to not hold on to when using the device all the time on the screen

No fingerprint sensor – but four stylish colors

.iPad is number five in addition to 72 percent faster than iPad’s number one. Not checked, the device uses the touch commands at once. A fingerprint sensor, as expected by many experts, there is not the iPad Air. It comes in four stylish colors – silver, black, white and gray-space

biggest innovation for the new iPad Mini is the increased screen resolution, which is now at 1536 x 2048.. The Retina display is in use, a big win: The image looks fuller and more genuine than its predecessor, which had to make do with a 1024 x 768 pixel screen resolution

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