Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Lumia 1520, 1320 and Lumia 2520 Protocol "Nokia World": Nokia shows ... - ABC Online

Before Apple’s big iPad presentation goes over the stage, Nokia is in Abu Dhabi before its latest products. In addition to a phablet and several mobile phones especially the first tablet is expected

10.34 clock. It will be interesting to see how Apple tonight is reloading its big iPad event. As look exactly the response from the industry leader, you learn naturally in the live ticker of FOCUS Online

10.17 clock.

Once the overview: Three new models in the Asha series (500, 502, 503), two new Lumia smartphones in 6-inch format (Lumia 1520, Lumia 1320) and Windows 8.1 Tablet (Lumia 2520) has introduced Nokia today – predicate: remarkable. What is at Apple probably says

10.08 Clock:

To make the event comes to an end

10.05 clock. on 2520 is of course the Lumia Windows RT installed as the operating system – but in version 8.1

10.03 Clock: <. / strong> The price of Nokia’s first tablet is $ 499 – before taxes The device should still be on the market this year, in time for Christmas.. First, it will be available in the United States, Britain and Finland. Other markets will follow in 2014. this country, we must therefore probably still a little patience

09.59 clock.

Once again, a short detour to the Storyteller App photos Facebook and Windows SkyDrive can also show there – that now was not particularly surprising

09.57 clock.

Also videos can be very easily edit the corresponding app can cut the plants homemade and with different filters

09.54 clock.

No scroll through endless photo library more by the “geo-tagging” is a fast access to images searched – has in fact very practical

09.51 Clock:

also has the tablet Lumia 2520 as gennante Storyteller App.. In a bar, places and photos are collected and even linked. map shows the places where you have been, while the corresponding photos in a thumbnail view

09.49 clock.

But photos can be not only good watch, but of course also make good an Integrated 6, 7 megapixel camera

09.47 clock.

No matter how bad the light is too bright, or, on the 10.1 -inch display of the Lumia 2520 no problem. photos will be demonstrated, even in bright sunlight it can be viewed easily – in the dark, the screen glows pleasantly light

09.44 Clock: And now it is so far: Elop holds the Lumia in 2520 in the hands, Nokia’s first tablet.

09.43 Clock:

339 U.S. dollars to the cost Lumia 1320 and celebrating its market launch in spring next year – in orange, yellow, black, white and red. $ 749, the Lumia cost 1520th Both will be on sale in Germany

09.40 clock.
It goes very fast, the next access to the Nokia family: the new smartphone . Lumia 1320

09.38 clock.

the Lumia 800 in 1520, a Snapdragon processor works with four cores Especially in games is amazing performance guaranteed. For demonstration purposes “Temple Run 2″ is now briefly played on the big screen – as it surely would have been more spectacular examples

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