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HTC now also scans fingerprints: One Max calls out Galaxy Note 3 - NEWS

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From the front looks like a normal Max One. From the front, the Max looks like a normal one.

Monday 14 October 2013

by Klaus Wedekind

HTC sets a phablet version of its aluminum smartphones One to attack the Samsung Galaxy Note on 3. Even a fingerprint sensor on board the HTC One Max – but it works a little differently than the iPhone 5S


On the back of the HTC one Max has a fingerprint scanner at the camera. The back of the HTC One Max a fingerprint scanner at the camera.

Especially in Asia are very popular smart phones with screens beyond the five inches, but also in Europe called phablets come more and more into fashion. Almost all smartphones sold giants come here from Samsung, which has virtually created with the Note series its own device class. HTC will do with the One Max the new Galaxy Note 3 little serious competition, but could at least be able to achieve esteem by chic aluminum dress and an integrated fingerprint reader on the back.

optically corresponds to the Mini Max more than one, as it has such a small device on the side of HTC a similarly broad polycarbonate frame. The size difference is huge, however. The One Max has a 5.9 inch display, which makes it look with its 4-inch screen as the Mini, as it is called. The new HTC phablet proud measures a total of 164 x 83 x 10 millimeters and brings decent 217 grams on the scale. This makes the aluminum Smartphone in hand although a very good impression, but is unlikely to be suitable for pockets or jackets. HTC’s product manager Fabian Nappenbach sees more women with handbags or businessmen with briefcases as a target group for the big one.

HTC is not a killjoy

After detailed photos of the giant smartphones had emerged, HTC was in a tight spot. After detailed photos of the giant smartphones had emerged, HTC was in a tight spot.

its magnificent protected by Gorilla Glass 3 Full HD display, the Max offers largely the same hardware as the HTC one, also the processor is a Snapdragon 600 – not as many expect – a Snapdragon 800 They have deliberately avoided an upgrade, says Nappenbach. “We wanted the One-owners not to spoil the fun of your smartphone by bringing a smart phone with powerful specifications on the market.” Still is a thorough check, but clocked at 1.7 GHz quad-core should be strong along with two gigabytes of RAM in the older version enough for all tasks.

important for the practicality of phablets is that its battery also mastered a long working smoothly. For this, HTC has the Max installed a battery that could well have a capacity of 3300 milliamp hours it takes. Additionally you can for about 90 euros (RRP) use a protective cover with an integrated battery, which additionally provides 1150 mAH via contact pins.

Expandable memory, battery permanently installed


The battery is not replaceable, but sits in contrast to the other two one devices under a removable aluminum back. Therefore his smartphone giant HTC has also implanted a slot for microSD cards, which compensates for their relatively small size with 16 gigabytes of internal memory.

is also located next to its size, the most striking feature of the device on the back of the One Day: a fingerprint sensor. As with the iPhone 5S he saves the chip no picture of an impression, but striking features. Unlike the iPhone, but you have to cancel for scanning with your finger over the sensor and square ever make the same move. With Apple’s touch ID, a pressure at any angle on the home button is enough. For this, the HTC solution is at least still versatile: you can start with one finger up to three apps right that one has previously linked to scanned prints

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  • The HTC Max

    One comes with Android 4.3 and the latest version of HTC’s Sense user interface. Among other things, now is the info-app feed uninstalled flash and has received a few new features. You can easily define your own theme categories, Instagram and Google+ were integrated, and you can download up to 120 articles and read offline. The application of ultra-pixel camera now allows for video and display images from the front camera and automatically cut clips (video highlights) it is now possible to use your own songs in any length and to trim itself. HTC Sense 5.5 will provide the latest in November for the One and the One Mini available. If and when other, older units are also updated, is still open.

    The HTC one

    Max comes to the end of October in Germany, Austria and Switzerland on the market. The suggested retail price is 699 EUR or 799 CHF. The “street price” but is expected to be significantly lower.


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