Friday, October 25, 2013

Youtube: Google Music subscription service to launch later this year -

It should run on desktops, mobile devices and even on Google Glass. The subscription is – as with Play Music All Access – cost about $ 10 a month. The free version comes with ads and is subject to restrictions.


billboard is Google supposedly about to start a streaming music content via Youtube. There will be, according to Billboard as both a free and a paid version of the on-demand service. At least for the United States should Google have obtained all necessary approvals.


According to Billboard

will cost about $ 10 a month, the paid version. The operation will be similar to Spotify, it is said, with the difference that it would also give music video on Youtube. The division into a limited, ad-supported free version and a full contrast corresponds to the subscription version of Pandora’s business model.

Youtube offer will be made to both desktops as well as mobile devices to complete. In addition, Billboard claims to have learned of compatibility with a number of Google products – including augmented reality glasses Google Glass


a Youtube music service, there had been several reports this year. In March it was at Fortune, he’ll be at the start during the year 2013. Google was at that time a statement: “While we do not comment on rumors or speculation, but there are some content providers who look interesting as a subscription-based service, so we deal with it.”

In May, Google had then started with a first Play Music All Access Music streaming service, which has nothing to do with Youtube. The access cost in the U.S. $ 9.99 monthly. Since August, it also exists in some European countries -., But not in Germany

News Youtube is after hosting partner of the Vevo music video bid. As the record companies Universal Music and Sony Music Entertainment and Abu Dhabi Media Group, Google has also contributed financially to the joint venture.

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